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mac security softwareMacs are often lauded as the “Fort Knox” of personal computers. They’re safe and largely unbreakable; viruses won’t get far. Sadly, only part of that is true.

Compared to Windows, Mac operating systems are indeed safer and Mac viruses are a rarity. But that does not mean Mac is impenetrable. The main reason that there are so far fewer viruses for Mac is the still dominating market share of Windows computers. Security through obscurity, it’s often dubbed; although the gap is steadily closing.

This creates a false sense of security and causes people to be negligent in how they approach the internet. Far too many people are using a Mac with confidential files and no software security whatsoever. In the line-up below, you’ll see the top security applications for Apple computers.

iAntiVirus – Virus Scanner

A virus scanner takes a look at all your files and searches for properties that are known to belong to viruses. This is one of the best ways to keep your computer protected. In July 2010, Matt Smith wrote a more extensive review of iAntiVirus Two Free Antivirus Programs For Mac OS X Two Free Antivirus Programs For Mac OS X Read More , check it out.

mac security software

iAntivirus is exactly what you’d expect from the screenshot above; excruciatingly simple. Once you’re past the installation and have fired up the Mac app, you’ll be able to select from two options. Scan my Mac will make sure you’ve got no viruses between the files already residing on your computer. The button below, Protect my Mac, turns the continuous iAntiVirus surveillance on or off.


SecureFiles – File Encryption

Mac natively allows you to create password-protected disk images, but it’s a slow, tedious job and surprisingly many software alternatives have risen to the challenge. SecureFiles performs those tasks and, contrary to most alternatives, is entirely free.

mac security software

To create a secure volume, a virtual vault so to speak, enter the name and filesize. After specifying a password, the volume will appear in the specified location. You can use this volume like a regular folder, by dragging in the files and folders you want to protect. Once you’re finished, you can use SecureFiles to compact the volume with a 128-bit AES encryption.

NoobProof – Firewall Configuration

If you’re not satisfied with the user GUI Mac OS X has to offer for its native firewall, you should give NoobProof a spin. Like the name implies, it’s a largely foolproof application that allows you to create additional rule sets for the firewall.

mac security

By and large, you can use NoobProof to handle additional services on a port-specific level. If you were looking for a disconcerting amount of control, try WaterRoof. It was also developed by Hanynet, with more advanced functionality, but also far more difficult to use.

Did we miss any other great Mac security tools? Tell us why you would add them in the comments below!

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