The Top 4 Facebook Page Admin Annoyances Made Easy

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facebook page adminWhen you’re setting up a Facebook page for your business or favourite local organisation you usually think it’s going to be relatively straightforward – especially if you’re a technically-minded person to begin with. However, there seem to be several steps in the process of getting things properly set up that are not at all intuitive and can be quite irritating to work out.

It also makes your organisation look unprofessional in the meantime, while you test out different ways of making things work as you would like. Here’s a run-down of some of the least intuitive things Facebook page makers are presented with and how you can fix things to your liking.

Posting On Your Facebook Page As Yourself

Most people understand that there’s a few ways to toggle between posting as yourself or as a Facebook page administrator. You can click the toggle button on your Facebook page just before posting or you can click on the drop down list in the top-right of Facebook to choose which of your pages or primary account you will be using Facebook as. However, many new page creators find that no matter what they do they’re posting on their page as the page, not themselves. This is very confusing and unprofessional when there are multiple page administrators and they are replying to comments.

Many Facebook page administrators think that’s just how it is, but that’s not the case. There’s a simple fix – it’s just hiding. Go to your page and click “Edit Page“, then click on “Your Settings“. You’ll find that there’s a checkbox there which ensures that you will always post as your page whenever you’re posting on your page. Uncheck that, save the changes and you will be able to choose for yourself. You’ll now be easily able to see who you are posting as by checking the photo to the left of the comments box.

How Do I Make Like Buttons, Like Boxes and Badges For My Page?

Facebook likes to hide useful things. To find these “like” buttons, badges and other social plugins (like the activity feed), it seems they’d like you to wade through the help section first. Instead, here are the links:

facebook page admin

Should Website Visitors Like The Website URL Or The Facebook Page?

This is a big question – and my answer for most smaller websites is “both”. For those who don’t quite understand the question, consider this. When a user visits your site and they see a “like” button, should that like be liking the URL or should the like make them a fan of your Facebook fan page?

Of course you want your website to become more popular. Ultimately, there’s a huge Internet outside of Facebook and your website needs to be popular despite Facebook’s walled garden. However, anyone clicking a Facebook “Like” button (wherever you are on the Internet) expects that it will result in updates from your Facebook fan page. Plus, this is how you can best communicate with this person via Facebook. So ultimately the Facebook fan page is the most important to feature a like button for.

When setting up social plugins, I therefore recommend using a small like button for the website URL somewhere unobtrusive, plus a large “Like Box” for the Facebook fan page which shows user pictures.

Linking Twitter & Facebook

Twitter has tried to make it easy for you to link your Twitter account to your Facebook page, but it’s still got a few quirks that can be a pain. Start by logging into your relevant Twitter account, head to Settings > Profile and then click on “Post your tweets to Facebook“. Easy so far, right?

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facebook page admin tips

Here’s where the problem lies. While setting up your Twitter-to-Facebook connection you need to change the default posting privacy of the Twitter application to public otherwise it won’t show up on the fan page. If you’re privacy-conscious you’ve probably got your default application posting privacy set to “friends” or some custom lock. So, no-one’s going to see it. Until you change it to public, Facebook will ensure those posts don’t wind up on your public fan page’s wall.

If you’ve accidentally skipped past this bit, you can change the Twitter application’s post privacy level by changing the privacy settings in Facebook for the Twitter application.

facebook page admin

You’ll also need to ensure that Twitter is set up to post to the correct Facebook page and not to your own account.

More Facebook Page Administration

If you’re a Facebook page admin, you might also find these articles useful:

What else have you had difficulty with setting up on your Facebook page? How did you fix it?

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Comments (33)
  • Sabrina

    I am an admin for my Facebook business page but I can’t link it to my Twitter account, because every time I try, Facebook wants me to revert back to my personal page. I don’t want my personal Facebook post to go to my business Twitter post. I want my Facebook post from my business page to go to my Business Twitter.

  • mollie wallheasd

    I have just created a facebook page for the gallery I work for. Already lots of friends have liked and commented and all seemed good. I have a personal fb. When I or others search on google search for the facebook gallery page it takes them onto my fb newsfeed. I thought I had followed all the instructions but something is so wrong and I cannot stop my head from hurting. Please tell me you can help.

  • GMB

    Here’s a glitch that I can’t solve: I’m an admin for several fan pages, and Facebook seems to arbitrarily choose which of my page-hosted events I can tag within a status and which ones I can’t…. and it isn’t even consistent from day to day. It has nothing to do with privacy settings — they are MY hosted events, and they all have the same settings. Nor does it have anything to do with when the event was created; they were all created weeks ago on the same day. But nevertheless, when typing the @ symbol, only three or four results will come up as I type, and none of them are the event I’m looking for. Frustrating as hell.

  • Connie R.

    OK, this is great info!
    ? I have a FB Page for my business. In the last few weeks, when I post on other FB business Page walls my profile pic isn’t showing up…. and its frustrating. What do you suggest I look for?
    Thanks a ton!

  • Penny Zeller

    This is a great article. I do have one question…this past week, I have run into a problem with posting on my fan page from my personal profile. Each time I post or share a photo from my personal profile onto my fan page, it doesn’t show up on my page wall, rather it shows up as “posts from others.” This has been extremely frustrating as I can only post from my page for it to show up on my page wall.

    I went to the settings and noticed I am listed as the “manager.” There is no way to change it. I have no other options.

    I was wondering if you have ever heard of this problem. Do you think it’s a Facebook glitch?

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

    • Angela Alcorn

      You should also be able to post as your page, which would be the preferred thing to do. Go to the top-right of Facebook and click on the drop-down arrow, then pick “Use Facebook as… [YourPageName]” before you post on your page. OR when you go to your page and are about to post as yourself, you should see a warning at the top of the page telling you you’re about to post as your personal account instead of the page. Just click that and your page posts should work fine.

      Also, “Manager” is the most senior admin role. They’ve listed you as that by default to distinguish you from other admins you may add to your page and give fewer privileges to. It’s normal and the best role for you – don’t worry!

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.