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Stuck on your favorite Pokemon DS game? Don’t panic! If you’re having trouble getting through a level or need help on pretty much any Nintendo DS title out there, the Web can be your best friend.

Sure, you could go out and buy that official strategy guide, but be honest now! That money is better spent on stuff that’s actually meaningful and fulfilling to your life, like more games. Help doesn’t have to cost you a dime and it’s all just a few keystrokes and clicks away.

Don’t smash your poor handheld to the ground just yet. Here’re the top 3 sites for Nintendo DS walkthroughs.


GameFAQs is one of the best websites for guides to virtually every video game, including DS titles. Its collection is simply the biggest.

nintendo ds walkthroughs

The site’s members submit their own text-based Nintendo DS walkthroughs of the game and they’re all hosted by GameFAQs and made available for everyone to view for free. There are usually even multiple guides to popular games written by different gamers, so you’ll be sure to have many takes on how to get through challenges or levels.


sites for nintendo ds walkthroughs

Other great features on the site include in-depth FAQs, with guides packed full of information just for specific aspects of the game, as well as helpful maps and charts.


The guides at IGN are always well-written and the site boasts a great collection of Nintendo DS walkthroughs to lend any gamer in need of help a hand.

IGN’s DS walkthroughs are just as good as the ones you can find for console games, providing plenty of detailed information and images to go along with it. Additional features include helpful extras like item lists, secrets, and tips on extra missions and challenges. Along with the complete walkthrough, it’s always nice to see these little things included as they can come in handy.

nintendo ds walkthrough sites

Also keep in mind that IGN does offer video tips, downloadable PDFs, and PSP-formatted guides, however, you must subscribe to the website for access to them.


For those who still can’t find the guide you’re looking for or feel compelled to contribute your own tips and help other gamers out there, StrategyWiki is the place to do it. As a collaborative and freely-licensed wiki, the site’s Nintendo DS strategy guides and walkthroughs are very well done and in-depth.

Along with the games’ complete walkthrough, other helpful bonuses like lists, maps, and a guide to getting started are usually included. One of the best things about StrategyWiki is that there’s only one definitive guide for each game, so you won’t have to sort through multiple plain text FAQs. The content never dies and can be updated by anyone, so feel free to contribute yourself.

If you desperately need a video walkthrough of a DS game, try searching YouTube. Some gamers have actually recorded the dual screens with a camera for gameplay footage. The quality usually isn’t very good, but it’s better than nothing.

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Where do you go for Nintendo DS walkthroughs? Let us know in the comments.

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