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kazaa liteKazaa has been around for some time now as a way to share files with people on the internet. For me personally it replaced Napster as soon as that got in trouble with lawsuits and decided to stops its file and music sharing services.

Kazaa used its own sharing network and soon grew larger with many people sharing music, but also other kinds of files. But Kazaa got in legal trouble of its own. The company was sued by all kinds of different organizations around the world and users were also sued and fined, with rather high fines.

Eventually Kazaa decided to change their service. They went the way of Napster and started a paid service, where you pay a monthly fee to receive unlimited access to music. The problem is that you can only play them on three computers and no portable devices and since there is a digital rights management system involved, the music never really becomes yours and you’re reliant on the service being continued by them.

There is a spin-off called Kazaa Lite English which continues to operate in the same way Kazaa started out. This was also called K-lite ++ or Kazaa lite tools or Resurrection in some versions. An overview of programs can be found here.

Here are the top 3 reasons Kazaa Lite English is better than Kazaa.

1. No spyware or adware

First of all Kazaa was always suspected of containing all kinds of spyware and adware. This meant your computer got slow when it was installed, you received pop-ups from programs you didn’t install and your connection was used for other things than sharing files.

Even after the website displayed a “No spyware/adware” badge these problems remained present. Kazaa Lite English and its later versions don’t have this problem. They are spyware and adware free. It’s of course still important to be careful and take good care of your computer. Read this MakeUseOf article on how to keep your computer secure. Best Programs To Keep Your Computer Secure Best Programs To Keep Your Computer Secure Read More

kazaa lite english

2. Improved download behavior

Kazaa had introduced a feature called “participation level“. This measured how much you uploaded compared to how much you downloaded. If you didn’t upload enough, your download speed would be throttled. Kazaa Lite strips this feature by always giving you the maximum participation level.

Another way of increasing download speed is by allowing you to download from more sources simultaneously and  having a better way of resuming downloads.

3. The same sharing network

Kazaa Lite still uses the same sharing network as Kazaa used to use, so there is no difference. By using this program you get all of the benefits without any of the drawbacks. A trusted site to download Kazaa Lite is my-k-lite. You should never pay for a version of Kazaa Lite or another version of Kazaa.

It has to be said there are nowhere near as many users in the Kazaa network active as there were some years ago. Many people have switched to other forms of filesharing. Good alternatives if you want to share music are Limewire and Ares.

A guide to using Limewire without getting a virus can be found here How To Install LimeWire & Use it Without Getting a Virus How To Install LimeWire & Use it Without Getting a Virus Read More .

An article about a great client for the Ares network can be found here Multi-protocol Downloader KCeasy Handles Gnutella, Ares and OpenFT File Sharing Multi-protocol Downloader KCeasy Handles Gnutella, Ares and OpenFT File Sharing Read More .

kazaa lite english

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