Top 3 Fake News Prank Story Generators

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There’s nothing better than someone actually believing that an article from The Onion is real. Just email a friend a link to one of their satirical stories and if they haven’t heard of the site or are just not paying attention, they may very well fall for it.

People will catch on, however (well, hopefully). You could try searching for similar parody sources in our Top 10 Websites for Fake News & Satire, but it eventually becomes a prank that can only be pulled on easy targets like your grandparents or technologically unsavvy parents.

How about a way to create your own fake news prank headlines? With the ability to add a little personal touch by customizing names and stories, you can make your article more believable or outrageous with fake news story generators. Here’s the three best ones.


WasArrested is one of the best websites to create your own fake news prank story. It’s very simple and quick to do. Start off by typing in the victim’s name, city, and gender.

Then comes the fun part of choosing which story you want. You can select anything from “Has Sex With Sheep” to “Drinks From The Toilet.” If you don’t see a story you like, you can write one up yourself and even upload an image to go along with the article.

The website will create a link for your fake news prank and you can start sending the URL to anyone you please.

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There it is. According to what looks like CNN’s site, I was arrested for indecent exposure! Looks pretty legitimate to me.


FakeAWish is sort of the celebrity version of WasArrested. First, simply type in the first and last name of any star of your choice. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings (I know, I know), so I took it upon myself to use my own name again.

As for the stories you can pick, most of them don’t look too good for your celebrity target, ranging from missing, hospitalized, or just dead. What have I gotten myself into this time?

The end result is an article on what looks like a classic Yahoo! News page with the story you selected. In this case, some news agency called Global Associated News is reporting that I’m presumed dead in a private plane crash. Can’t they get anything right?


If you’re looking to create a fake newspaper clipping, head over to Fodey. Just think up of a completely made-up story and have it look like it was published on some newspaper’s front page.

It’s really easy to do. Type in name of the newspaper, the date, and start entering in whatever news article you can come up with.

Once you’ve generated the newspaper clipping, you can preview it and download the image.

There you have it. It’s 2036, MakeUseOf is now a newspaper, and Google is taking over the world. Huh.

Looking for more fun? MUO’s Directory of Apps has got details on DeadFake, a fake email service, and HoaxCall, an online prank call maker.

Go ahead and try out the fake news story generators for yourself. Are any of them crowd pleasers? Let us know in the comments.

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