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So you have yourself an awesome Wii? You have lots and lots of games but do you have the Nintendo Wii game cheats? I am talking about the new generation of Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start”¦ Game developers know that consumers (geeks) LOVE to find hidden Easter Eggs and Cheat Codes in any game – makes it way more enjoyable, right? Well today, I am going to show you the two websites that I frequent for my Wii cheats and to improve game play.

If you are a believer that a game is only fun if you beat it without any help then save your time and move on to the next great Make Use of article! Here comes the cheating!

The first website up is called CCC Cheat Code Central but they also have other sites for other systems so keep that in mind when you are looking for XBox 360 cheat codes.

nintendo wii game cheats

Once you find yourself at CCC’s website you will see 6 menu options: Cheat Codes, Reviews, Videos, Game News, Release Dates and a place to trade games. Today, we are only interested in the first item.

nintendo wii game cheats


The Cheat Codes menu will either list All Games for you by alphabetical order by hitting the link that says All Games. Or you can click on the letter matching the first letter of your video game’s title. In this case, I was looking for Zelda Twilight Princess so I hit the link labeled Z.

nintendo wii game cheat codes

Z only returned 2 entries and the second one was what I was looking for. I clicked on the Zelda: Twilight Princess link and was taken to a page for just that specific game.

mario cart wii cheats

Once I was on the game’s sub-page, I could scroll down and find cheats and hacks galore! Zelda does not have Cheat Codes per se but there are lots of awesome tips, tricks and ways around things here.

mario cart wii cheat codes

Next up is a game called The Simpsons Game – it is no secret that I love me some Simpsons! Matt Groening is a genius! This game does have a cheat code along the lines of that old contra code. Here you see you can get Infinite power for all characters’ by hitting Plus Left Right Plus Minus and then you will hear a tone and blamo – full power and it won’t deplete!

get mario cart wii cheats

I normally do not go a’looking for cheat codes until I have beaten a game or otherwise given up! Don’t ruin your fun but you can add to it when you would be bored of it and would not normally pick it up. Think about Grand Theft Auto.

The second website on my list is called GameSpot and their Nintendo Wii game cheats are available for you at this URL.

There is a search feature at the top but they have links on the Wii Cheat Page’s home screen for the hottest games with cheats. You will probably see a few you want to click on. Under each title, they break down what they have for your cheating pleasure. They can be unlockables, glitches, easter eggs, secrets, FAQs and more. Check them out.

wii7 game cheats

nintendo wii cheats

I clicked on through to Super Smash Brothers Brawl and scrolled down to some awesome unlockable features from the game, as you can see below:

nintendo wii cheats

They tell you what the feature is and how to unlock it. Next up is their easter eggs which are always cool! Here are some mid-battle conversations key combinations – say that 3 times, fast!

nintendo wii cheats

Then we have our full on password cheats. They open some new exciting places for you to check out!

nintendo wii cheats

What sites do you use to find Nintendo Wii game cheats? We would love to hear from you. Do you use Homebrew? What are you favorite Wii Applications? Share with us in the comments, young gamer!

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