Top 10 Most Effective Job Search Websites

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job search websites With the¬†world economic climate still painfully low, more folks are losing their jobs than ever before. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. unemployment rate hit over 9 percent in May 2009.¬† France unemployment jumped to 8.2 percent, Germany was at 7.6 percent in January, and the UK was at 6.77 percent in March. It’s imperative that job seekers have all of the tools at their disposal to find new work. High unemployment rates don’t necessarily mean that there’s no work, it often means that the fields where there are available jobs¬†are¬†changing. For this reason, I’d like to offer a¬†list of the top 10 most effective job search websites to help MakeUseOf readers land that new dream job as quickly as possible.

Looking for Work? Spread Around Your Efforts

The most important thing that any job seeker can do to improve their chances of landing a job is¬†using multiple resources in their job hunting efforts. This means posting your resume online, as Mahendra described in Top 5 Free Resume Hosting Websites, or using social networks as Charnita described in 8 Sites For Beating The Job Hunting Blues.¬†However, the core of your efforts should be focused on¬†job search websites that bring all of the world’s jobs to your doorstep.

1. – The Monster of Online Job Hunting

Whenever anyone needs access to job markets across the world, Monster is an obvious place to start. Monster has grown into the largest job search site on the Internet, and serves just about every community across the world.

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job search websites

What makes the Monster of job search sites so useful is that the "International Search" will net you a pretty nice catch of job opportunities all across the globe. Of course, Monster also offers a free "home page", a place for you to post your resume, and an entire section of some pretty cool "career tools" to help you research every step of the job hunting process.

2.¬†–¬†An Obvious Choice¬†Among Job Search Websites¬†

I guess when it comes to finding a job, visiting a website like makes sense. Like Monster, it is one of the few job search websites that offers the ability to search Internationally.


Under "Additional Search Options", you can search from general areas of the globe, such as Middle East, United Kingdom or Pacific Rim. The site boasts over 700,000 listings, and they all seem fairly current. It also has the ability to publish your resume so that employers can view it.

3. HotJobs¬†– When You Can’t¬†Get Enough of Job Hunting¬†

Yahoo! Hotjobs is definitely Monster’s greatest competition. One of the things that Yahoo is very good at is providing content, and job seekers who visit the Hotjobs job search website are going to get exactly that.


The site itself has the same "look and feel" of other Yahoo pages, and it has lots of articles and widgets from tools like Yahoo Answers. Aside from all that bonus content, it offers a powerful job search engine that includes many thousands of listings from all throughout the world.

4. Net Temps РFull or Part Time Jobs

Net-Temps is primarily a website devoted to temporary workers who were looking for the "next gig.". However, it is not a whole lot difference than the rest of the job search websites, except for the fact that it allows job hunters to filter search results by temp or full-time work.


For most folks looking for a job, the difference is irrelevant Рthey need a job to pay the bills. But for freelancers who work for themselves, temp jobs give them the flexibility of a short term client contract, so that afterwards the freelancer can move on to the next job in their schedule. 

5. Indeed  РSimple and Effective


This site is quite a job search engine indeed! Sick of sifting through dozens of individual job search sites? Indeed is a job meta-search engine which means that employers don’t actually have to list jobs with Indeed. Much like how Dogpile provides results from multiple search engines like Google and Yahoo, Indeed offers you job listings from not only sites like Hotjobs and CareerBuilder, but even the individual employer websites – now that’s cool.¬†

6. CareerBuilder – The Name Says It All


There’s little question that CareerBuilder is one of the "big boys" of the job search websites. Like Monster and Hotjobs, you’ll find a resume posting section, the ability to find jobs by company or industry, and a very cool "job alerts" feature. What sets CareerBuilder apart from the others? Not a lot. But if you need another source that may have job listings the others don’t – it’s best to check it out, as there are quite a library of job listings stored there.

7. All Job Search – It Really Does Search Them All

AllJobSearch’s claim to fame is it’s ability, like Indeed, to search through multiple sources. The service covers the U.S., Canada and the UK. It boasts the ability to search over 200 websites, over 500 newspapers and over 300 newsgroups. Impressive.


Unfortunately, you’re provided a list of links to outside sources like an online newspaper or Monster, and if you click the link, AllJobSearch will¬†automatically search that engine¬†with your job search terms. While it probably saves¬†time¬†searching for the many job sources around the Net, it doesn’t exactly provide the search results as you’d normally expect.

8. Simply Hired – You’re Hired!


I have to say, of all of the job listings sites that you’ll find on the web, SimplyHired takes the cake simply for the sites "tools" section, where you’ll find some of the coolest widgets, like email alerts, trend research and salary information broken down by location and occupation. If you haven’t yet decided what you want to be when you grow up – this is the first site you should visit.

9. – It’s Good Enough for Gov’ment Work

One of the world’s wealthiest countries in the world is also one of the world’s largest employers. The U.S. Federal government has its own giant online job database that you can search under whatever industry or discipline you’re interested in.

job search websites

These jobs are worldwide, and the U.S. government isn’t shy about listing the actual salary ranges right there in the listing. Some of those salaries aren’t too shabby either.

10. College Recruiter – Not Only for Students

Over the years, employers got into the habit of going to college career centers to advertise their entry level positions. In fact, sometimes those are the only places they’ll advertise those openings. The CollegeRecruiter search engine is networked with 11,000 career sites around the country including college, university and military offices. Yes, these are entry level positions, but when you want to get your foot in the door, taking an entry level position is often the best way to go.


Have you ever found a job through an online job search website? Do you have other job hunting resources that you prefer? Share them in the comments section below.

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The Cryptic One

I’m Sorry I am surprised to see Simply Hired, Yahoo Hot Jobs and Indeed.

Indeed and Simply Hired are both supplied by the same job search engine even display the same jobs in the same exact order. Plus both Indeed and Simplyhired have tons of scam job postings. The only site I have seen that has maybe more is yahoo hotjobs. Plus Hotjobs have a lot of jobs listed that are not actually active or available.

Careerbuilder and Craigslist I would put in the top two.


Ryan Dube

Hi Cryptic One, thanks for your comment. As noted in the article, the reason for adding Simply Hired were mostly because of the tools offered there, not just search results. And the article clearly states that Indeed is a meta-search engine, meaning it pulls results from not only Yahoo but other job search engines as well, so it makes sense that many of the results there would match Yahoo. I agree that Hotjobs has listings that can be outdated though – something they definitely need to work on. Also agree with CareerBuilder and Craigslist – I’ve personally landed some great writing “gigs” on Craigslist. Thanks again!


Danh ba web 2.0

Great list, thanks a lot



Thanks for this list! I have seen most of these before, but I did not have them bookmarked. With so many different sites out there, it is easy to get too cluttered and not remember what you have searched and what you haven’t. This list will help me stay more organized to be sure I have checked them all.

Also, thanks for the college recruiter site. I had not heard of this one before, and I have already found several interesting listings there!


James and are worth a look, as well.



also jobberies..which is worth to search jobs


Yvette Francino

Great list…another one that I referenced in my blog post yesterday at (!) Do you know of the best way to aggregate all the stuff related to a job search?


Kim R

Watch out for the CaribPOP Career Resource and Recruitment site. It is quickly rising to the top :-)


lynn is a new one


Computer Repair

Yes, – Dice and Craiglist should be here.



I have one more to add to the list –



My choice is a platform like HelpDeskCrossing, because it is clean and neat since it only shows you jobs from employer websites and every other job board out there. Not to mention that I have never seen such a plethora of jobs. It is the perfect place for √é‚ĄĘ√鬧 help desk jobs, help desk analyst jobs etc. Just take a look at Help desk Job Openings. Note also that there are a lot of jobs in the Internet Universe not well advertised or not at all advertised and yet HelpDeskCrossing manages by design to include them all.



I hate to say it, but signing up with Monster was one of the worst job search mistakes I made early on.

I actually had recruiters finding ME–which was a wonderful change. Unfortunately it was almost exclusively for scam jobs, unpaid jobs, and jobs of a questionable nature. Only ONE recruiter actually told me who I’d be working for and what I’d be doing upfront, and the communication from that guy was so rude it was laughable. I can only assume my problems stemmed from the fact that I was a recent grad, and so probably looked to be “easy pickings.”


Recruiter Bill

Good List overall. Anon sorry to hear about your bad experience with that recruiter. Next time one calls ask them how long they have been in the business. Most experienced professional recruiters will treat you with respect. That is they way they build their network



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