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top 10 listsAre you always looking for great top 10 lists to help you decide what to pay attention to? If you got stuck babysitting unexpectedly, would your first instinct be to search for a list of the top 10 best kids movies so you can hire a movie for the evening? Or are you more of a list-maker yourself? Are you the sort of person who creates these lists on the off-chance it might help someone else or prompt a few more list-makers to make their own lists for you to peruse.

Top10 is basically all that and more. List-makers create lists on any topic they like, inspiring other list-makers to submit their top 10 items on the same topic. Lists can be browsed individually or collectively in order to get an overall top 10 on that topic. This means it’s good news for list-makers and list-seekers. Plus, it means you can use Top10 to generate useful top 10 lists for yourself or others to use.

top 10 lists

Signing Up With Top 10

Joining Top10 can be done in seconds by authenticating with Facebook or Twitter. Or if you prefer, you can sign up with an email address and link the account to Facebook and Twitter later.

Making Top 10 Lists

Starting your own Top 10 list is incredibly easy. There’s a button at the top of any page in Top10. As you type your proposed list name, Top10 will search to see if there are any similarly-named lists you might like to collaborate with. If you pick one of the proposed names, your list will be used to collaborate with other people’s lists to make a group list.

top 10 lists of everything


Add items by typing the name and clicking on suggested items as they arise. If your item isn’t there you’ll be able to add it yourself. You’ll also get to add a website and thumbnail for the item.

top 10 lists of everything

When you’re out of item ideas for the list, click on “I’m done” and your list will be saved for later. You don’t need to make it to 10 items. Later, you can add more items, move items up and down or remove items as you wish.

You can view “The Top 10” as compiled by all contributors by clicking on the tab.

top 10 lists of everything

Browsing Top 10 Lists On Top10

There’s a search function at the top of every page in Top10, allowing you to view any top 10 list that’s been made so far. With all lists, it’s possible to view the compiled top 10 or the individual contributing lists.

top ten lists

Ideas For Using Top10

If you’re looking to do an informal poll to find the top 10 listed items on a topic, Top10 could be a great way to compile the suggestions easily. Unlike most polling software, users are prompted with previously listed items when they start typing an item. This means you’re less likely to end up with multiple versions of the same answer.

For instance, you might start a list for the top 10 restaurants in your town. To begin with you’d create your own list, then you’d invite your friends to submit their responses. You may also get some interest from other restaurant-lovers in your town, but you’ll undoubtedly end up with a great list of places to eat out soon.

top 10 lists

If you have written a book for a specific niche, maybe you could write a list of top 10 books in that niche. Other people may contribute their own lists down the track and have their interest in your book piqued when they view the compiled list.

Other Listing Services

Top10 is by no means the first site to provide easy listing facilities online. Other notable examples include: Listography Listography - Put Your Whole Life Into Lists Online Listography - Put Your Whole Life Into Lists Online Read More , plenty of movie listing applications 5 Websites To Make Your Own Personal Movie Lists 5 Websites To Make Your Own Personal Movie Lists Read More , Twitter lists in Listorious 10 More Websites To Show You The Hottest Twitter Topics Now 10 More Websites To Show You The Hottest Twitter Topics Now Read More , collaborative to-do lists such as Reddynote, and easy ways to make grocery lists 5 Websites To Create Printable Grocery List 5 Websites To Create Printable Grocery List Read More . Despite all the many options, Top10 is just so versatile, easy to use and so much fun!

Tell us what you love about Top10 – How does it compare with other listing services you love? What sorts of lists will you create and why?

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