The Top 10 Interactive YouTube Games

interactive gamesYouTube’s interactive games are essentially built on a choose-your-own-adventure premise, by linking multiple videos using hyperlinks in annotations. By developing on this idea that the viewer can make a choice, game makers have worked in more intricate stories, crafted harder games and added more of a game-like feel to the experience. It’s safe to say that these games have made YouTube viewing even more addictive.

From the first primitive videos, YouTube’s interactive games have progressed rapidly to the more sophisticated games available today, including Howard Glitch, Bboy Joker, ChadMattAndRod’s adventures, Heavy Rain & Trivial Pursuit.

Interactive Card Trick

Interactive Card Trick deserves a mention since it claims to be the first interactive game on YouTube. It’s pretty neat.

interactive games

The Birthday Party: An Interactive Adventure!

The Birthday Party is a great little “choose your own adventure” story by the ingenious ChadMattAndRob. All you have to do is get to the birthday party without dying. Also check out The Time Machine, one of their earlier interactive works.

Interactive Shell Game

The Interactive Shell Game is a simple, yet mesmerising game to play. It highlights some of the best usage of the interactive video game technique.

Trivial Pursuit

The new YouTube Trivial Pursuit is made with the co-operation of YouTube to enable a seamless interactive integration. This is the way of the future for interactive games on YouTube.

interactive online games

Bboy Joker

This is the craziest idea ever: Batman and Joker stop-motion interactive break-dancing competition. You probably have to see it to believe it. Patrick Boivin also made the Street Fighter interactive YouTube game, which is also worth taking a look at.

Super Mario Slots

Super Mario Slots: Well, you know, it’s Mario.

YouTube Interactive Spelling Bee w/ Christy Carlson Romano

Interactive Spelling Bee could either be great entertainment value for the kids or a way to secretly test your own prowess.

Interactive Piano

Interactive Piano is a neat interactive video by MysteryGuitarMan, who has heaps of other nifty videos to play with too.

Heavy Rain

This is a neat way to preview Heavy Rain for the PS3 and see if you want to buy it. Heavy Rain is a thriller about a serial killer – your choices determine the fate of the four characters.

interactive games

Howard Glitch

Howard Glitch is a very new game written to complement the Howard Glitch Project. The project is a puzzle made through a variety of media, including a book, music EP, artwork, YouTube game and more to come. Each piece of media focuses on one character, with a story tangential to that of the other puzzle pieces, leaving the player/reader to decide what the truth is.

Overall, the project is a philosophical work challenging thoughts of destiny. The game itself also involves some beautiful artwork (see the trailer). The premise: You are trapped inside a spaceship with no controls whatsoever. Think fast. Save the passengers. What do you do?

If you’re still hungry for more YouTube entertainment, watch these awesome stop-motion videos.

So, the world of online gaming is being explored by YouTube and this could also be a possiblity for the future of TV and movies. If you could give a game/interactive movie idea to someone with both the budget and talent, what would it be? What would you like to see someone make?

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