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free inspirational ebooksReading novels and manuals on your favourite eBook reader is a great way to relax – but what if you need something with an empathising quality that can help you to get out of a rut? Inspirational and motivational books have been big business since the 1960s, illustrating to readers how to take control of the lives in various ways from sexuality and self-sufficiency to getting ahead of the 9-5 pack and weight loss.

Sometimes these books will take the form of a real-life account; occasionally they might be works of fiction but usually they are instructional. The very best inspirational eBooks, however, will prompt the reader – who will usually be already interested in changing something in their life – into making a positive decision and acting upon it.

Our top 10 free inspirational eBooks come in many different forms. Note that these are inspirational and motivational titles. They shouldn’t be used as a crutch and certainly are not suitable as an “all-or-nothing” solution to deep-seated problems or depression.

The 15 Minute Rule by Caroline Buchanan

free inspirational ebooks

Do you have plans to start getting fit, find a new job, complete tax returns or learn to cook, craft or ski? For many of us, there are always other jobs to be done that can force you to put off these aspirations.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, as Caroline Buchanan explains in “The 15 Minute Rule“. Rather than forgetting to join a gym for another week, just 15 minutes of your time can be spent planning and starting your path towards completion of your ambition.


Available for just 99 pence, you’ll find “The 15 Minute Rule” on Amazon where it can be purchased for Kindle.

Always Know What To Say by Peter W. Murphy

inspirational ebooks

If you’re like me, you might often be caught having trouble finding the right thing to say at the right moment. Whether you’re meeting new people, catching up with old friends or even having difficulty conversing with people you deal with on a daily basis, Peter Murphy’s book will provide the answers.

Always Know What to Say” gives inspiring ideas on how to deal with conversation, from ending the nervousness you might experience when meeting and introducing yourself to new people, ways to confidently approach and strike up conversations and even inspire the reader to master the art of dialogue by listening.

Available on Nook, “Always Know What to Say” can be downloaded free from Barnes and Noble.

How To Live On 24 Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett

inspirational ebooks

Dating from 1910, this fascinating tome provides steps for the reader to follow to make the most of their time, the 24 hours that we spend from day to day often sat reading websites, watching sport and movies and generally not fulfilling our existence.

Reading great works of literature, enjoying art and reflecting on life while travelling or at other “downtime” moments is just the tip of the iceberg, and this free title – available free for Kindle devices – can be used to make the most of your time and your life. Thanks to the World Wide Web we can now enjoy art, history and culture without travelling long distances, so despite its age, the message of “How to Live on 24 Hours a Day” remains surprisingly relevant 102 years later.

The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense by Kevin W. McCarthy

inspirational ebooks

Dealing with the concept that many people are treading water in life, aimlessly wandering around with their head full of irrelevances, “The On-Purpose Person” aims to push readers into taking a new path, finding purpose in their lives and driving on toward success.

Like being “on-message”, “on-purpose” apparently means discovering who you are, where you are headed in life and what is important to you. As inspirational books go, this is simple, striking and includes exercises to help you in your aims.

Your copy is waiting at Amazon for downloading to your Kindle now, absolutely free.

How I Roll: Life, Work & Love After a Spinal Cord Injury by J. Bryant Neville Jr. & Raquel B. Pidal

inspirational ebooks free download

Quadriplegic J. Bryant Neville, Jr. was involved in an accident in 1981 which left him paralysed. Refusing to accept the life sentence of immobility, this remarkable man has battled against the odds to build a life, career and family with two college degrees, father of three and become an inspiration to everyone who knows him.

An honest look at what happens to the sufferers of spinal cord injury and a remarkable account of how one man used the support of his family and friends to build a life despite his disability, this amazing book is available free for Kindle owners.

This guy really does roll. He rocks too. Read it.

Abundance & Law of Attraction – Down The Rabbit Hole: The Journey of Manifestation & Personal Growth by Sandra Collins

inspirational ebooks free download

Personal growth is an aspiration for many people, but how do you go about setting targets and achieving them? These questions – and others – are answered in Sandra Collins’ book, in which the author coaches readers in improving their mood, enabling a spiritual love and expanding consciousness.

Whether you buy into whether these things are genuine or simply new age nonsense, you cannot ignore the effect the concepts related in Collins’ book, which can be downloaded free from the Amazon Kindle Store.

The 18 Rules of Happiness: How to Be Happy by Karl Moore

inspirational ebooks free download

Costing just 79 cents in the Kindle Store, this book is an inspirational and instructional guide on finding happiness in your daily life.

Described as a “mini course in mega-happiness”, “The 18 Rules of Happiness” sets itself a lofty target, but with 18 rules and secrets that everyone should know it pretty much spells out the riddle that seems to elude so many people. This book is ideal for anyone who feels they have fallen into a rut, although it isn’t suitable if you’re someone who suffers from depression.

The price is an utter bargain as this title also includes a free MP3 version, useful for if you drive or travel a lot and don’t have time to view these secrets.

The Peng Perspective: A Collection of Essays by Sam Peng

Whether you have had difficulty coming to terms with your sexuality, issues drinking or experienced racial discrimination, “The Peng Perspective” is a popular choice for getting another view on your problems.

Author Sam Peng has had experience of all of these things and his collection of essays is a fascinating and passionate memento of good days and bad days from his past. Touching and funny, Peng’s prose is engaging and warm and as a free book from the Kindle Store this is a top choice.

Sam has been there and survived. You can too.

I Will Not Give Up… Not Today… Life Is A Journey by Linda Nance

Painter, writer and crafter Linda Nance spends her life looking for beauty, love and hope in life and her thoughts and experiences of happy and memorable times are recalled here in this inspirational collection.

Suffering from cancer and scarred by a car accident, this is a tale of one woman’s attempts to overcome adversity and the results are astonishing. The obstacles that Linda has dealt with in her life are considerable and you’ll have trouble making it to the end with a dry eye. If this doesn’t give you the stimulation to motivate yourself into making those key changes in your life, nothing will!

You can download Linda’s book from the Kindle Store for free.

Religious Texts

free inspirational ebooks

Strictly speaking, these are three books, not one, but inspirational words cannot be comprehensively covered without taking a look at “Holy Bible“, “Tanakhand theQuran“, three texts that are widely read throughout the world by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

The Anglicized versions of each can be read via these free inspirational eBooks. Put aside any misgivings about organized religion and its destructive dogmas and see for yourself how the people who were around when these faiths were first founded must have felt by the revolutionary ideas and teachings.


Once again there is a deluge of free and low-budget titles in this category, allowing people of all backgrounds and interests to find new ways of living their lives better, be wowed by inspirational stories and appreciate the best things in life.

Given that the dearest examples here cost little more than a poor cup of coffee, you cannot go wrong!

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