10 Most Downloaded Windows Browsers [Movers & Shakers]

Movers Shakers   10 Most Downloaded Windows Browsers [Movers & Shakers]Once again, this week it’s time for Movers and Shakers – a column where we take a software category and cover the most downloaded apps in that genre. This week, we are looking at web browsers. These are the apps that can be used on your Windows machine to get on the Internet and browse sites like MakeUseOf.com.

1. Mozilla Firefox

1   10 Most Downloaded Windows Browsers [Movers & Shakers]Weighing in at first place, raking in 22,317,229 downloads of all time just from CNET and over 104,000 downloads this week is my favorite web browser Firefox. Firefox is very versatile and allows for great add-ons and plug-ins.

2. Internet Explorer

2   10 Most Downloaded Windows Browsers [Movers & Shakers]Internet Explorer is in second place. It has had a little over 11 million downloads from CNET of all time and 67,000 or so this week. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, is their flagship browser which has made great strides over the last decade. I have even found myself using IE 8 from time to time!

3. Google Chrome

3   10 Most Downloaded Windows Browsers [Movers & Shakers]And in 3rd place, we have a relative newcomer when it comes to how long they have been in the game. Google’s browser Chrome is simply awesome and is making great headway at catching up to the other top two. They are slowly grabbing a nice percentage of the browsing market.

4. Avant Browser

4   10 Most Downloaded Windows Browsers [Movers & Shakers]I have personally never used Avant. Avant is built on the IE 7 rendering engine with some additional skins and magic to speed it up. People use it as an alternative to using Internet Explorer. With over 26 million downloads a lot of people must be using it!

5. Opera

5   10 Most Downloaded Windows Browsers [Movers & Shakers]In fifth place, we have another personal favorite of mine ““ Opera. Opera which has been an innovator in new browser technology is still a step ahead of the game. Opera is loved by techies and geeks everywhere!
  1. SlimBrowser A browser that prides itself on customization. You can create a slim minimalistic browser with SlimBrowser but by default its interface is a little clunky.
  2. Internet Explorer 9 IE9 is a technical preview of what is to come. You can check out the marvels that Microsoft is doing to keep up with the competition and dare we say ““ Innovate?
  3. Windows Internet Explorer 8 for MSN (Windows XP) Here we see a version of Internet Explorer 8 that is customized for Windows XP and MSN. If you find yourself using both of them you might really like this one.
  4. Apple Safari In ninth place, we have an Apple product that I really do not like on Windows. Safari brings a little bit of the Mac to your Windows Platform. I find it to be slow, clunky and it messes with Windows settings.
  5. Netscape Navigator In tenth place, we have a browser that I didn’t know still existed. Netscape Navigator was my browser of choice prior to the invention of Firefox. I thought that they went under a long while back. Maybe we will see them making a comeback in 2011!

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Had no idea that Avant is that popular. I have never met anyone who was using it.


It has a simple reason Avant is so high in the charts:
It’s the only browser in the top 5 using CNET has their official download site and these “stats” are just the CNET rank.

I guess 99% will download their browser via the normal vendor page (or via auto-update as IE8) so this numbers are all but accurate.

eL Abee

For a long time before…i use Safari!!

Now,,Opera is so cool for me

Abi أب

For a long time before…i use Safari!!

Now,,Opera is so cool for me

Jonathan Bennett

People still use Navigator?!


It seems there are many folks out there that still use it :-)


I use Chrome and Firefox, but I also have Avant, Opera and Maxthon on my computer. Neither Chrome nor Firefox correctly print the pages I need every day, but Avant (and Maxthon, also based on IE) does a great job. Each browser has its own features, foibles and quirks, but I’m using Chrome as my default right now and am impressed with it.


Agree on Chrome, I already use it as much as FF.


Maybe a dumb question (well, inexperienced definitely), but do the browsers built on IE have the same security problems, or are they modified to be more secure?


Just had a look at the Netscape website (since I was surprised it still existed), but there’s no Netscape download, only Flock and Firefox. Official support for Netscape ended 2008. (http://browser.netscape.com/)


Just had a look at the Netscape website (since I was surprised it still existed), but there’s no Netscape download, only Flock and Firefox. Official support for Netscape ended 2008. (http://browser.netscape.com/)


I can agree about safari making windows lag yet it loads faster than the complicated and slooooow IE


as a web development instructor Ihave them all, I use FF2 for day to day stuff, and qtweb for social networking sites. I’m forever getting the latest FF for learning HTML5 as a result i rarely put extensions in the current releases. Comodo dragon is my preference for the chrome browsers


Since IE is closed source I suppose they are.