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In this week’s edition of our featured Movers and Shakers we’re going to take another software category and list the top ten most downloaded free apps within the Home Inventory genre.

These are the applications that help you keep track of what you own. Maybe it is your DVDs or Blu Ray Disks. Maybe it is your jewelery collection or anything that is important to you.

Check out these top downloaded applications today.

1. ALNO AG Kitchen Planner

1 ALNO allows us to build our dream kitchen virtually before we actually begin building it in real life. With full on 3D rendering this could be the application you are looking for. If you are building a house or remodeling your kitchen you should definitely check this application out.

2. Coollector Movie Database

2 Do you collect movies? Maybe DVD’s or Blu Ray disks? How about VHS tapes? You can track your collection with Coolector. You can also browse their huge database of movies. You can note what movies you have seen and add data about them. If you are into movies this is a must have application.

3. What You Own Home Inventory

3 Do you have all your prized possessions serial numbers and warranty information in one place? If not this is a awesome application. Use it to help prepare data for your insurance company or just print out a copy for your records. Don’t get caught out there without the data when you need it.

4. MovieManager

4 Another awesome application geared towards managing your movie collection and what you have and have not already seen. The application can fill in details from IMDB. It is also chock full of features and can help you know what you have and where it is. It doesn’t matter if the movie is on your hard drive or on a dvd disk.

5. Room Arranger

5 Room arranger does exactly what you would expect it to do. It can help you design or re-design any room. It can also help you layout and plan for your new or existing garden. It is very nifty and has a lot of features people could have only dreamed of years ago. Maybe this is something  your mother would love!
  1. Frostbow Home Inventory 5 Lite – Here is another application that allows you to add, track and see what you own in your home.
  2. Music Collector – This application lets you catalog your existing music collection and even fill in details from a web database on your collection.
  3. Ant Movie Catalog – Compile your master list of movies from other online sources. You can also enter data manually and add information about each movie from the web.
  4. Household Register 2010 – Another home inventory application that allows you to add your prized possessions and details about them. It has also been recently updated.
  5. MB Vastu Shastra – This program allows you to use the ancient Indian architectural principle. Maybe you could improve your living environment with it!

Do you use any of these apps?  If so, what do you think about them?  Or maybe you have a different app that you prefer?  Let us know in the comments!

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