Top 10 Most Downloaded Desktop Enhancement Applications [Movers & Shakers]

Movers Shakers   Top 10 Most Downloaded Desktop Enhancement Applications [Movers & Shakers]This week, it’s time to revisit our featured Movers and Shakers post. Each week, we focus on one software category and cover the top ten most downloaded apps in that genre. This week, we are looking at Desktop Enhancements. These are the apps that can be used to spruce up your desktop and add functionality to your computer’s desktop.

1. ObjectDock

11   Top 10 Most Downloaded Desktop Enhancement Applications [Movers & Shakers]Weighing in at first place, raking in 8,483,908 downloads of all time and 37,383 downloads this week is ObjectDock. ObjectDock is a launch bar. It is very stylish and adds a lot of customization settings, including skins. There are a lot of features in ObjectDock like improved quick launch icons and easily accessible information for running apps.

2. Fences

21   Top 10 Most Downloaded Desktop Enhancement Applications [Movers & Shakers]Fences allows you to easily organize your icons to help de-clutter your desktop. It allows for grouping objects together and drawing virtual fences around them ““ hence the name. You can customize the color schemes used and much more.

3. CursorFX

31   Top 10 Most Downloaded Desktop Enhancement Applications [Movers & Shakers]Add 3-dimensional icons and pointers to your XP, Vista or Windows 7 machines.

4. VistaGlazz

41   Top 10 Most Downloaded Desktop Enhancement Applications [Movers & Shakers]VistaGlazz allows for you to change the features of your Vista system that used to be unreachable. You can customize your glass effects and much more easily and without fear!

5. LogonStudio

21   Top 10 Most Downloaded Desktop Enhancement Applications [Movers & Shakers]Logon Studio allows you to modify your start up and shutdown screens within your Windows XP operating system. It comes with 30 cool replaceable screens for you to use.
  1. Alarm Clock Now you can wake up to a different alarm every day with Alarm Clock. It is an older application but still cviable. It uses MP3s or WAV files for the alarms.
  2. Winstep Nexus Dock An awesome dock that provides live reflections and very fast access to your favorite applications.
  3. Screen Print & Capture 32 A screen capture application that allows you to specify what you want to capture. This is great for creating tutorials or user guides.
  4. RocketDockThis is another docking application but it offers animation to pretty up your desktop. You can add your dock to any of the four edges of your monitor. It can also be set to auto hide or stay on the screen permanently. Rocket Dock has a huge community and user base that are always creating new applications and uses for this application!
  5. Free Desktop Clock will spruce up your Windows System clock. It adds skins and lots of other options like transparent backgrounds and the ability to sync it up with a list of atomic clock servers.

You can also check out our very own Tina’s post on Docks ““ The 6 best friends of your Windows Taskbar.

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