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kevin_heffernan_armadillo_hatAt MakeUseOf  (MUO as those in the know call it) I’m pretty much the resident conspiracy theorist. So, in a loose way, I am uniquely qualified to bring to you the Top 10 Conspiracy Web Sites.

Let’s put on our tin foil or armadillo hats an take a stroll down manic-depressive lane shall we?

10. The Unhived Mind

unhivedmindThis is one of those sites that suffers from poor design, yet still seems to be immensely popular.  The strength of this site is in the breadth of topics covered in it’s forums. Now, forums aren’t usually the bastion of intelligent debate and this site is no different. Some good ideas and views are presented, but the conversation usually devolves into something that would make a 4Chan’er blush. There also seems to be a leaning on this site against the Catholic Church and more specifically, the Jesuit order. The Unhived Mind also seems to advocate esoteric or downright gross health care messures (urine drinking anyone?). With the focus on the forums and the lack of organization, the Unhived Mind becomes more like the Unhinged Mind.

9. Freemasonry Watch

freemasonrywatchAlthough the layout and organization isn’t very good, this site has been around as long as I can remember and archives all things, and anything, remotely related to Freemasonry. There is the odd grain of truth on this site from what I understand, but for the greatest part, it presents a lot of very loosely related items and tries to push the Freemasons as the underpinnings of the Illuminati or New World Order and just about any illegal or immoral event that ever happened.

8. Illuminati Conspiracy Archive

illuminaticonspiracyOne of the trademarks of a lot of conspiracy sites is really poor web design. Is this the sign of a cluttered mind or just ignorance about the importance of how information is presented to how well it is received? The Illuminati Conspiracy Archive (ICA) has a very nice, almost academic design, with well-organized information. There are no real rants here, thank goodness, which leads to the site having greater credibility. The usual fare is here: Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and of course, Freemasonry.

The ICA also has a bibliography of sorts, that is really an Amazon affiliate store. That’s fine, gotta pay the bills somehow right?


7. Godlike Productions

godlikeproductionsAnother forum-based conspiracy site. The focus here is on UFO’s and aliens, but they branch out into the Illuminati and NWO and Bilderberger type stuff as well. Although, most of the discussions just end up leading back to the cause behind anything being UFO’s and aliens. Godlike Productions is probably best known for it’s interview with an alleged former-Illuminati Grand Master, Leo Lyon Zagami, who spills the beans – sort of.

6. Third Eye Concept

thirdeyeconceptThird Eye Concept really has it all – ancient mysteries, government cover-ups, and all the Illuminati stuff. It’s easy-to-use layout features articles, a movie room, music and even some good old fashioned conspiracy humour in the form of those demotivational posters. The topics are serious, but there is a light-hearted tone to it all which makes the gloom-and-doom a little more palatable.

5. Above Top Secret

abovetopsecretProbably the most popular site on the Internet for all things conspiracy-like. The focus here is mostly on UFO related stories and ‘evidence’. The stories aren’t always terribly well researched or written as a lot of them are reader-submitted, but the layout is easy to use and read. It’s definitely worth a look.

4. TinWIKI

tinwikiTinWIKI helps explain the basics behind the terms of different conspiracy theories. You see, conspiracy theorists often have their own sort of jargon.

You know some of the slang probably. Words like Area 51 or Grays or NWO have been bandied about in the X-Files and other such shows, but how about Reptiloids or The Third Rank? Get the low down at TinWIKI. Become an educated lunatic fringer.

3. DavidIcke

davidickeFootballer, sportscaster turned philosopher/conspiracy theorist, David Icke has published several books and had several very successful speaking tours, including such hallowed halls of learning as the University of Toronto and Oxford University. Just a tip – his last name is pronounced like Ike, not Icky.

His philosophy, as far distilled as I can make it, is that the world is run by alien/reptilian overlords, who are responsible for every government or religious organization and that they seek to make us their slaves and/or food.

His defense suggestion? Just say no and start loving your neighbour as you love yourself. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a pretty good way to live in general and would take care of a lot of the ails of this world. But I’m thinking if a big alien lizard is pointing his phaser at me, I can love all I want but I’ll end up scrubbing his toilets and becoming
hors d’Å“uvres anyway.

2. ConspiracyRealityTV

conspiracyrealitytvIf you’re like me (and if you’ve read this far, you probably are) you get tired of reading all the time and just want to kick back with a good documentary. Paranoia takes so much time to develop from words, but pictures speed up that process exponentially. ConspiracyRealityTV has a list of hundreds of videos relating to all the major conspiracies and they are all free. Really, who wants to pay for paranoia? Oh yeah, crack and smack heads.

1. Infowars

infowarsInternet headquarters for radio host and documentary maker Alex Jones, Infowars is a gateway  into the Alex Jones media empire. Maybe empire is a little optimistic, but he reaches hundreds of thousands every day and has had some extremely popular Internet videos. There are news articles every day, two podcasts (one by Alex Jones, the other by protege Jason Bermas), forums, and special reports. Alex Jones is the undisputed king of conspiracy. But here’s the catch. Mr. Jones doesn’t talk about aliens, Elvis, or spontaneous combustion, or anything else that he can not support! Alex Jones predicted an [NO LONGER WORKS] attack on New York involving Osama bin Laden two months before 9/11 happened.

A lot of his stories seem to have hard facts behind them and he has the paper trail to back his opinions up. He frequently has congressmen, economists and other legitimate movers and shakers on his show to talk about the conspiracies that Alex uncovers. Yes, everything there requires a grain of salt as all media does, but the grain is much smaller than what you would require for say, The Unhived Mind, or even Fox News for that matter.

That’s my Top 10 Conspiracy Web Sites list. How do you get your paranoia on? What’s your favourite conspiracy? Let’s talk about it in the comments, but no real names please. They’re watching….always watching…….

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