Top 10 Conspiracy Web Sites

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kevin_heffernan_armadillo_hatAt MakeUseOf  (MUO as those in the know call it) I’m pretty much the resident conspiracy theorist. So, in a loose way, I am uniquely qualified to bring to you the Top 10 Conspiracy Web Sites.

Let’s put on our tin foil or armadillo hats an take a stroll down manic-depressive lane shall we?

10. The Unhived Mind

unhivedmindThis is one of those sites that suffers from poor design, yet still seems to be immensely popular.  The strength of this site is in the breadth of topics covered in it’s forums. Now, forums aren’t usually the bastion of intelligent debate and this site is no different. Some good ideas and views are presented, but the conversation usually devolves into something that would make a 4Chan’er blush. There also seems to be a leaning on this site against the Catholic Church and more specifically, the Jesuit order. The Unhived Mind also seems to advocate esoteric or downright gross health care messures (urine drinking anyone?). With the focus on the forums and the lack of organization, the Unhived Mind becomes more like the Unhinged Mind.

9. Freemasonry Watch

freemasonrywatchAlthough the layout and organization isn’t very good, this site has been around as long as I can remember and archives all things, and anything, remotely related to Freemasonry. There is the odd grain of truth on this site from what I understand, but for the greatest part, it presents a lot of very loosely related items and tries to push the Freemasons as the underpinnings of the Illuminati or New World Order and just about any illegal or immoral event that ever happened.

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8. Illuminati Conspiracy Archive

illuminaticonspiracyOne of the trademarks of a lot of conspiracy sites is really poor web design. Is this the sign of a cluttered mind or just ignorance about the importance of how information is presented to how well it is received? The Illuminati Conspiracy Archive (ICA) has a very nice, almost academic design, with well-organized information. There are no real rants here, thank goodness, which leads to the site having greater credibility. The usual fare is here: Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and of course, Freemasonry.

The ICA also has a bibliography of sorts, that is really an Amazon affiliate store. That’s fine, gotta pay the bills somehow right?

7. Godlike Productions

godlikeproductionsAnother forum-based conspiracy site. The focus here is on UFO’s and aliens, but they branch out into the Illuminati and NWO and Bilderberger type stuff as well. Although, most of the discussions just end up leading back to the cause behind anything being UFO’s and aliens. Godlike Productions is probably best known for it’s interview with an alleged former-Illuminati Grand Master, Leo Lyon Zagami, who spills the beans – sort of.

6. Third Eye Concept

thirdeyeconceptThird Eye Concept really has it all – ancient mysteries, government cover-ups, and all the Illuminati stuff. It’s easy-to-use layout features articles, a movie room, music and even some good old fashioned conspiracy humour in the form of those demotivational posters. The topics are serious, but there is a light-hearted tone to it all which makes the gloom-and-doom a little more palatable.

5. Above Top Secret

abovetopsecretProbably the most popular site on the Internet for all things conspiracy-like. The focus here is mostly on UFO related stories and ‘evidence’. The stories aren’t always terribly well researched or written as a lot of them are reader-submitted, but the layout is easy to use and read. It’s definitely worth a look.

4. TinWIKI

tinwikiTinWIKI helps explain the basics behind the terms of different conspiracy theories. You see, conspiracy theorists often have their own sort of jargon.

You know some of the slang probably. Words like Area 51 or Grays or NWO have been bandied about in the X-Files and other such shows, but how about Reptiloids or The Third Rank? Get the low down at TinWIKI. Become an educated lunatic fringer.

3. DavidIcke

davidickeFootballer, sportscaster turned philosopher/conspiracy theorist, David Icke has published several books and had several very successful speaking tours, including such hallowed halls of learning as the University of Toronto and Oxford University. Just a tip – his last name is pronounced like Ike, not Icky.

His philosophy, as far distilled as I can make it, is that the world is run by alien/reptilian overlords, who are responsible for every government or religious organization and that they seek to make us their slaves and/or food.

His defense suggestion? Just say no and start loving your neighbour as you love yourself. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a pretty good way to live in general and would take care of a lot of the ails of this world. But I’m thinking if a big alien lizard is pointing his phaser at me, I can love all I want but I’ll end up scrubbing his toilets and becoming
hors d’Å“uvres anyway.

2. ConspiracyRealityTV

conspiracyrealitytvIf you’re like me (and if you’ve read this far, you probably are) you get tired of reading all the time and just want to kick back with a good documentary. Paranoia takes so much time to develop from words, but pictures speed up that process exponentially. ConspiracyRealityTV has a list of hundreds of videos relating to all the major conspiracies and they are all free. Really, who wants to pay for paranoia? Oh yeah, crack and smack heads.

1. Infowars

infowarsInternet headquarters for radio host and documentary maker Alex Jones, Infowars is a gateway  into the Alex Jones media empire. Maybe empire is a little optimistic, but he reaches hundreds of thousands every day and has had some extremely popular Internet videos. There are news articles every day, two podcasts (one by Alex Jones, the other by protege Jason Bermas), forums, and special reports. Alex Jones is the undisputed king of conspiracy. But here’s the catch. Mr. Jones doesn’t talk about aliens, Elvis, or spontaneous combustion, or anything else that he can not support! Alex Jones predicted an [NO LONGER WORKS] attack on New York involving Osama bin Laden two months before 9/11 happened.

A lot of his stories seem to have hard facts behind them and he has the paper trail to back his opinions up. He frequently has congressmen, economists and other legitimate movers and shakers on his show to talk about the conspiracies that Alex uncovers. Yes, everything there requires a grain of salt as all media does, but the grain is much smaller than what you would require for say, The Unhived Mind, or even Fox News for that matter.

That’s my Top 10 Conspiracy Web Sites list. How do you get your paranoia on? What’s your favourite conspiracy? Let’s talk about it in the comments, but no real names please. They’re watching….always watching…….

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Ryan Dube

Can’t say that I agree that ATS should be on the list anymore, the user generated content there has really gone downhill in recent years. However, Alex Jones InfoWars is a great resource for far more factual information, although – I’m a bit biased as co-owner of (a similar, more skeptical site), but Alex Jones definitely deserves top marks for his attention to documentation and fact-checking – great article Guy!

Guy McDowell

Hey Ryan! I didn’t know you were a fellow tin-hatter! I think there is a correlation between being an IT type and being a tin-hatter. The whole ‘how does it all work’ thing, I guess.

Nice site by the way. I’ll be looking deeper into that.



You should include – Alex Jones again, I think he is great shame he isn’t on TV in Europe to get his message across to more people!

Guy McDowell

Yes, Prison Planet is part of Alex Jones’ network. That would be awesome if he had a TV show on any network. But then corporate and gov’t interests would shut that down in a heartbeat.


Amy Lynn

Great list! I think I spent 3 hours reading through a lot of the content, besides being totally convinced I need a bomb shelter in my backyard now, it was fun! ;)



Guy McDowell

Glad you liked it!



For those interested in the paranormal and unexplained, you should consider listening to “Coast to Coast AM” (which can also be streamed at their website):

Beats listening to Michael Savage/Weiner and other possibly insane right-ring radio shows during my early morning drive to work! :)

Guy McDowell

It all comes with biases. Coast to Coast is good, but their website is a bit wonky as far as organization goes.


inside job

Hey George, have you found Osama or mass destruction weapons in Iraq?



Great list, nice to see somebody share what many depict as too insane to be true or simply childish. The truth isn’t always what it seems to be. Let me correct myself – the truth is hardly ever what it seems to be. At least as far as standard bloated corporate media are concerned.

About the relation of IT and conspiracies, I think there’s a good reason to the seemingly unrelated coincidence. IT and especially the Net gives so many opportunities for finding information of any kind to people world-wide. I’d never make it this far with my “how the world works” knowledge, hadn’t I learnt english dilligently and spent a good deal of my youth by the keyboard. It’s all out there – just grab it.

Thanks for the link to

More articles of this kind will always be appreciated.

The easiest way for evil within us emerge is for good to do nothing.

Guy McDowell

I agree, every freedom, or right, we have comes with a responsibility.

Thanks for the kind words.



hey guy, nice list.

i’m an online member on the davidicke forums (don’t know the other sites but ats should be taken with a pinch of salt) and this guy is really catching up all over the world- some of what he says does resonate and other than the ‘reptilian’ aspect he touches upon much of what george orwell wrote about- the new world order, forbidden history and the illuminati.

i don’t know if they have a site, but if you do find a link for the ‘loose change: final cut’ documentary do make a note of it. thanks!

Guy McDowell

Thanks Boombastik. Yeah, the Reptilian stuff is pretty out there, but like I said, his overall philosophy is one of love. Love for yourself and your fellow humans. That’s about as good a philosophy as there can ever be – that’s why I like Icke. There is nothing that love cannot conquer.


“There is nothing that love cannot conquer.”




Hey Guy, this top ten list is fantastic. It’s amazing to see hoe many conspiracy theory sites there are out there, especially how many have sprung up in recent years. Thanks for compiling this list, there are a lot of your recommendations that I will be checking out, there were several I was not aware of. You can post this to our site and link back to your site. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.




Duane Lester

Enjoyed reading the article…until you made the Fox News dig.

Guy McDowell

Fox news is terrible. There have been so many major inaccuracies from them, you’d think they make the news up as they go. Oh wait, they do.



Fox News?




Fascinating how many WANT to believe the exact opposite of logical, especially among those who are given the distinction of being labeled not only intelligent, but in many cases brilliant. Occam’s Razor in reverse I guess.
As a fundamentalist Christian I come from a long line of historically ancient ‘conspiracy theorists’ (you know, Satan, Apocalypse, Anti-Christ). But, I also subscribe to Occams’ Razor, so after THOROUGHLY investigating most if not all the latest conspiracy theories, I rejected them as ridiculous, unproven and sometimes downright hilarious w/their premises/forgone conclusions.
The Freemasonry conspiracy originally was of Christian origin so I spent part of my youth investigating, reading and defining lines of connections so obscure/irrelevant that it makes kinks in the brain.
I even subscribed to the Clinton Chronicles for a period of time, but decided when Bush Derangement Syndrome hit the mainstream and my prized Occam’s Razor was thrown completely under the bus in spite of the fact that here in our country WE are the government/CIA/FBI/Police (friends/family/neighbors)that the insanity was progressing to dangerous levels and might possibly interfere w/government’s ability to govern, resulting in anarchy/chaos. Further investigation re: Clinton Chronicles revealed their inaccuracies/inconsistencies, so w/o giving up my dislike of the Clinton Administration’s policies, his lack of any moral fiber and wrong headed approach to governance, I discarded that conspiracy theory as well, even though it pained me to do so. (I so loved thinking of Clinton as evil instead of just self centered and amoral)
As for Ickes, it’s a further laugh for me that he was part of Clinton’s cabinet pre: Reptlian theory (or perhaps during and he just hid his craziness to get in the powerful position).
At any rate, I’ve investigated most of the above theories and while admiring the scholarship/intelligence/intellect of some of those involved in creating said theories, try hard not to laugh too hard at some of the extreme reaches used in order to arrive at a point where I’m expected to believe, for example, that my own friends/family/neighbors killed over 3,000 of their own family/friends/neighbors instead of believing an organization that openly planned to attack the US in a major way, was known by ALL governmental agencies, foreign and domestic, to be pursuing methods to do so finally hit on a plan that worked. Occam’s Razor demands that I recognize logic and reality.
As for FoxNews, apparently they’re the only network to give interviews of conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones so I wonder why you’re denigrating them? hhmm? :-)
Thanks for the usually great links, I’ll be reading.

Guy McDowell

I don’t know if any of these theories are valid or not. I do know that some of them are just hair brained, based on the information I was able to gain. Some of them , I haven’t bothered to investigate.

I don’t care for FOX news, perhaps because I am Canadian. However, your logic is faulty regarding not denigrating them for interviewing people like Alex Jones. I’m also a big fan of RUSH, so if they interviewed RUSH, should I accept everything else about FOX news? Doesn’t make sense does it?

Occam’s Razor is a great philosophical tool, yet it is not 100% accurate. Sometimes the right explanation is the most convoluted one. Yet, I agree, most of the time, the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.


Molly, the first line of your rant says it all-in my opinion.But don’t worry, if those persons you like and respect so much that had nothing to do with either causing or allowing Sept.11 to happen have their way, you won’t need to trouble yourself about the freedom of speech or expression you now enjoy-which from your point of view would come direct from Yahwey-eh?So, don’t worry, say another prayer.


Molly, Jesus being my Savior, as you imply He is yours, I yet do not choose to blind myself as you do regarding 9/11. Only a literally blind person, whom I’m not at all “making fun” of, could not see that there were no real bodies nor airplane parts in PA on the ground, nor DC by the Pentagon, that day! Our Constitution states we should be on guard against all threats, DOMESTIC and foreign: While I would rather not have to be a responsible citizen in that, I yet won’t close my eyes to it as you and too many others do. Not all Christians are as willingly blind as you are to “correct” people who don’t “see” with your intellectualism. As a Christian, I’m sorry for Molly’s arrogant attitude with the readers here.



Glad to see Fox News where I think it may actually belong. I get quite tired of my entire family using Fox News to make me wrong….but they can’t tell me why Fox News is right. So…to my family – why are you in a town of 15,000 or less. Get to Washington with all your Fox News fixes and get out of my un-convinced face.



An opposing comment is always welcome since it makes people think harder about what they think is right. I too agree SOME of the conspiracy theories are at least too odd to be true and some ways of pushing them forward are kind o awkward. However, your strictly refusing approach does NOT explain molten steel underneath the wreckage of twin towers for example, just as it does NOT clarify the breakdown of Bldg 7, totally unskilled pilots navigating airplanes like never before, first skyscraper of this type ever to be brought to ashes through fire, precision of the fall, time of the fall, people hearing and witnessing explosions inside the buildings, Bush & federal agencies – Laden connection, numerous calls to representatives with prior warnings, totally IMPOSSIBLE amount of coincidences during the attack (NORAD etc), suspicios departures after the attack, air filled with asbestos claimed as safe, video proof of Silverstein (and others) directly negating information from govt/media, raises in insurance of the buildings in question, the undeniable need for more oil resources for the mighty empire…

Need more?

There is more… Tons more.. And this was just one conspiracy of all of them.

Prove all of these wrong and I can begin to consider slightly shifting my view of major conspiracies.

Hmmm… ?



Your articles a waste of time. Why not post some skeptic sites like James Randi’s Educational Foundation at ?



Most of the conspiracy sites are run by Jews and ironically most of the readers are anti-semitic geeks. Of course the Jews know this so they conspire against the geeks. LOL. Just kidding.



i agree with most of the list, like Ryan i think Abovetopsecret has turned into the enemy as far as many conspiracy theorists are concerned.
Another good smaller CT forum would be, though they don’t seem to take themselves all that seriously and seem to be continually at War with ats, lol.
For a really good laugh you could always check out the Graham Hancock message board. ;)



Why are people so involved with Alex Jones. He does not talk about the Vatican’s role in the NWO or the Jesuits. Most likely because he is their mole. How come you did not list,,,,, You listing an Alex Jones site makes me think you are an Alex Jones-Vatican-Jesuits-Black Pope, mole! You are just another leading the people the wrong way

Guy McDowell

Wow. I don’t talk much about physics. Am I an undercover physicist? It’s a long step from thinking Alex Jones is a Vatican mole to thinking that I’m a Vatican mole.

My heritage alone precludes me from even being Catholic. The two groups that make up most of my heritage are two of Catholicism’s largest targets.

Craig, perhaps you might think about stepping back from the conspiracy stuff for a little while and enjoying what beauty there is in the world. Just for a little while.



Yeah, just look the other side for a little while.. We all have to. Coz looking constantly at the bad things happening in this world would drive one mad soon enough. So, you do that, take a lil break and enjoy the beauty out there. And then again…


Jerimiah Johnson

Let’s get off the bashing fox news kick. MSNBC & CNN retired the championship of inaccuracies & biases long ago.

Other than that, somewhat informative article. i’ll keep an eye out & see if you can stand up on the facts.

Guy McDowell

There is no mainstream bastion of ethical journalism anymore. It is, more so than ever, the job of the individual to check the facts.

As for these conspiracies standing up on facts – well, they are theories aren’t they?



Thanks for going to the effort of doing this Guy. It has been of use to me in tracking down the more reputable guys out there.

Regarding ATS, I got banned for making a comment about 9/11 being an inside job. Which is why I decided to start up my own community , if anyone has any whistleblowing to do , maybe we can help them – so that is why I think ATS should not be in the list :) They don’t help whistleblowers. They shoot them down.

So, I must say I quite agree with Ryan Dube. It is a shame what has happened to some of the larger conspiracy sites. Some are definitely not encapsulating the alex jones and david icke effect, those guys just put the information out there in such a way the only thing you could do short of giving it a fair chance is, ignoring it altogether.

Might not sound like it, but thats progress :)

Thanks again,



I would like to mention this site
What do you think about it?



Have you tried its like a social network conspiracy forum hybrid

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