Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

Hey MakeUseOf! I thought I would share with you some cool Blogger hacks and tips that I have learned about Blogger’s Blogspot blogging platform over the last 8 months or so. I jumped into the new Blogger almost immediately after its beta launch and then I wanted to customize it – You know, make it my own.

So I went out looking for how to do it. And here is that wisdom I uncovered. Consider it a gift from me to you. Poor old Blogger gets a bad wrap, namely because people do not know how to manipulate it. I hope this article helps you guys out and if you have any others please let me know in the comments…

1. Removing The Blogger Bar

I hated the blogger bar across the top of my Web site because it didn’t really go with my template and I already had a Google search bar integrated. So I went on a mission to remove it and de-bloggerify my blog. I searched far and wide and for some reason kept hitting a dead end. It turns out that the code used to change the old blogger templates no longer works! So after tracking down the CSS changes here is how I did it:

navbar blogger new   Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

All you need to do is add the following CSS to your template under edit HTML. You need to put in anywhere in your template between the <style> tags.

    #navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none; }

2. Add a randomizer to show different quotes, graphics or html.

I used to be really jealous of Feedburner’s awesome quotes that change on refresh. I went out looking for my own way to do something similar. It was a long and grueling task but I found it (Well actually my buddy Mike Commodore found it). Check out how I use a free Randomizer ASP application to get my own random geeky quotes and ads to display. I have the quotes on display in my subheader here and the Wicked Tee’s Ad is also on a separate randomizer. To download the RandomQ program hit their website here.

quoteata googling   Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

3. Recent comments

Use this script to achieve a WordPress-esque Recent Comments module for your side bar! Start some riots among your readers! Let them know what others have to say. This site provides a widget creator that I used to make my recent comments module. I found that after adding this, it actually encouraged people to comment more frequently. I don’t know if they like seeing their name up in lights or if they read what others wrote and want to kick in their two cents… But either way it has increased commenting by about 70%!

4. That’s a lot of comments!!

Here’s another useful blogger hack – replace your commenting system with Intense Debate for more control over comments with a social flare. It is really easy to do, check out this information from their web site:

Interested in the comments your friends make? What if there was a way to follow your friends and be notified when, where, and also what they comment? Intense Debate provides this functionality through RSS feeds for each user. Subscribers will be notified in their RSS readers with a direct link to view the context surrounding the comment as well. Give it a try!

Also, don’t waste anymore time checking back in on a blog to see if anyone responded to your comment. Now you can get email notifications of replies to your comments, letting you know when the conversation continues while you’re gone.

id   Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

5. Adding inline ads

Want to add advertisements into your posts for maximum exposure? By having your ads out their in front of peoples face they just might click them more often. I am not a big believer in ads. But maybe you are and by following these instructions from MyDigitialLife you can add adds in your post between post or even in the footer. It is not hard to do and involves a little modification to your template. Due to the fact that Blogger parses out some code and changes some characters when you enter it manually in the html this will show you a workaround for that.From their web site:

6. Use Feedburner

Feedburner lets you “burn your feed” and add feed flare. Before they were a Google company they were awesome but now that they are a part of the Google they are even better. I use Feedburner for feed statistics, monitoring users subscriptions, managing our daily email blast list and adding feed flare enhancements to your feed. This is a MUST do for any blog. Almost a no brainer. Blogger lets you specify your Feedburner information in their ‘Site Feed’ tab inside your dashboard. Once there you will see a place to plug in your Feeburners URL.

feedburner   Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

7. Add additional pages (Add links to older posts that you can customize like a contact page.)

This is one thing I always hear people complaining about blogger. But I can’t add a second page or even a page for contact information… Wahhh Wahhh Wahhh. How about a little creativity? For this hack all I did was create some posts labeled About Us Contact Us etc. And then made their published dates way back when and linked to the posts from my template. Result – pseudo additional pages!

newpages   Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

8. Use a real domain name instead of blogger’s default naming conventions

In the beginning before we knew any better we though using a free service like Blogger meant being locked into certain things like the sub-domain name off of Blogspot. Google lets you “Brand” your blog and link up a real domain name to forward to your Blogspot address. But they did one better and redirect their address’s to yours. So even if you type in you will wind up at! Sweet.

your domain name thumb   Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

9. Add Instant Messaging to your Blogger blog.

Want to chat with your users real time? I added Plugoo to my site, linked it up with my AIM account and I am in constant contact with users looking for help or just wanting to say what’s up. This is not for everyone but I found it so cool I now turn my AOL IM mobile when I am AFK and my IM’s hit me via Text message on my Smart Phone.

pluggo thumb   Top 10 Blogger Hacks and Tips

10. Update you blog daily and have quality content. .

And the last but certainly not least Blogger tip/hack is not a hack at all but a piece of advice . Update your blog on a daily basis. Because that is all the readers want now isn’t it? Would you read your own site – if it wasn’t yours?? If your answer is no, then you got some serious re-thinking to do!

Do you have any additional Blogger hacks and tips or other blog hosts? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

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This is a great roundup of information. Great website and great article. You have yourself a new subscriber as of today.

Jerick Mac

yup thats true!


Nice work !
Try tho too…

Mark O’Neill

Before moving to WordPress late last year, I was a big Blogger user. It always irritated me that it was so troublesome to get that stupid ugly top nav bar removed!! It was suggested by Google at one point that to remove it would violate their terms of service which would result in your blog being deleted.

Whether that is really true or not, I don’t know. But it’s definately something to be cautious about.


What an excellent article. It’s nice to have 1 place to go to for that info. Speaking as someone who uses multiple blogging platforms I have a hard time keeping everything I’ve read together. Thanks!

Karl Gechlik

I read what I agree to!

Need to make sure I’m not signing away my first born, No mention of the blogger tool/search bar anywhere in there.It does say you can’t use the Google or Blogger logo without written consent though!

How funny is that!


Great article. The new commenting system, Intense debate, is new to me and I was really looking for that.

Shankar Ganesh

Great Post.

Blogger’s comment interface is the worst thing I dislike about it. Now I’ve moved to WordPress, but if Intense Debate had come when I was using Blogger, I’d have surely used it on my Blogger blog.


Intense Debate is compatible with WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Moveable Type, Tumblr, and there is also code to place a comment system on generic websites. Check it out.


Great tips!!! I will be sure to use these. Thanks!!!


Some interesting points. I have myself a blogspot-blog. I might use 1 or 2 of those tweaks.


Makecloud offers an easy way to add a tag cloud to blogger blogs.


Very nice article. but how to change the published date for an article?


How to change published date to another?

Karl Gechlik |

Hey Robert,

All you need to do is click the advanced button under your post in your blogger dashboard. Then a little box comes out with your date and time. Edit it right there!

Hope you enjoyed the post!


great tips i will try this.


I use blogspot, I have others including wordpress but have just come to appreciate some of blogspots posting feautures. As it is relatively new I appreciate these tips. Can not wait to go plug them into my blog



Pete White

Don’t update your blog daily if you have nothing to say. There are so many blogs out there full of crap because of this bad advice. Only post when you have something good to post about, I would rather read a good blog that posts once a week than a poor blog that posts everyday.

Amanda Fazani

Thanks for linking to Blogger Buster in this excellent post! There’s certainly something here for every Blogger user to customize their default templates to make it much less generic (and more personal for them).

I look forward to reading more posts like this!

Best wishes,

Amanda (Blogger Buster)


it’s really interesting…


Great advice! I can nw remove the blogger banner.


I was wondering if you have an explanation somewhere that shows how to make the links you talk about in step 7. Thanks!

AskTheAdmin | Karl Gechlik

You have to create links in your html template or in your side bar that will link to these older posts.

If you click through to and see the menu bar along the top. Hover over them and you will see the posts url.

If you need more information feel free to email me at help at asktheadmin dot com


Thanks for the info and links. Terrific collection of great stuff!


For recent comments,you may try this one.

It is also nice and easy to setup.

Orkut Guide | Tips & Tricks | Music Scraps | Themes

Nice post. Will be helpful to many bloggers.


I was very interested in Item 7: “Adding Additional Pages”.

The only problem I’ve never been able to solve with Blogger is that the template always adds the post archive on each page. I think this is something to do with the way widgets operate in New Blogger? The disadvantages of having the menu load in each article is that the post itself is squeezed to the left. It would be pretty easy for most readers to press “back” or press “home” if they wanted to return to the Main Page – so I think that’s a slightly “over-engineered” feature of Blogger.

The idea of pseudo-pages is a creative one, so if the article writer feels like posting how one changes the template to incorporate pseudo-pages, I’d sure be grateful.

Kind Regards, _writer.

Karl L. Gechlik

You can achieve the functionality you are looking for with a custom blogger template. There are also commands you can add to only show content on the home page and not the post pages. It checks where you are before displaying the content. Let me know if this interests you and I will send it on over to you.

Fast thing

Wow! How I can add a link to top 10 or top 5 most viewed post in blogspot? Thanks.

Chris T

I’m using Aide RSS very successfully to achieve this (, you can see it on my blog , scroll down a bit on the sidebar.




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What I’m trying to figure out, and have so far been unsuccesful, is how to add the comments feed flare to my feed. I’ve read in some places that you can’t do it with Blogger. Do you know if that is true?

Tony Chan

I want to tell you this. This informaiton is so awesome.


Hi. I’ve follow your #8 idea. Change domain name. Here I come to tell the resolt.

Page Rank drop drasticly. It drop form PR3 to PR zero due to age of domain is too young. Now I’m working hard to get back my PR.

With PR zero, I lost traffic, lost tecnorati ranking, lost SEO ranking. But RSS Feed Subscriber is still not change and it save me a lot.

Maybe we shout think that change lovely domain is not good idea for short term.


DR.Ariffaizal has a point there. But the pros still seem to outway the cons especially when considering the branding value. Some real good tips, thanks!


That is a really useful list of tips. Often these things repeat stuff as posted on thousands of other blogs, but I really found this useful. I’ve already installed the recent comment widget (within seconds of reading about it on here). First rate. Thanks.

Karl L. Gechlik

Wow Clangnuts that’s harsh – maybe I can help. What platform are you on? Are they in control of the email account that its registered to as well?


my blog has been hacked by my lecturer. Now i cant log in to my blog and i need to do so desperately. my picture has been tagged with some emberassing statement and i need to remove them. i really need your help. please reply me a.s.a.p

Software Mouse

Great post very helpful for new bloggers. 5/5


I love these hacks! One question: Is there a way to display the “time of last update” just in HTML code, or do you have to have it set up the way blogger does? I use pseudo additional pages in the form of 4 different blogs all linked together, and would like to display on the main blog the time each of these pages was last updated (like blogger will do automatically for blog links). Okay, so this is a little confusing, I just want to know if there is a way to isolate the section of code that blogger provides for “time last updated” and insert it into my own HTML/Javascript box on my layout page. I’d appreciate any helps/tips you can give me on this. Thanks!


Is there a way to remove the Blogger logo from next to the person’s name in the comments? I have my own url now, and I am still hosted by Blogger, but I’d like to hide/disguise the blogger logo if possible. Any help mates?


Fast Thing, you have got the same question as mine. My concern is in the link below:

Bang Kritikus

Good article Karl, I will apply your guide soon. Thanks


What an awesome list! I tried the “Remove Blogger Bar” code as soon as I saw it and it worked right away. Yay! Another great Blogger tutorial is “How to Create a Simple Menu Bar in Blogger, No Coding Necessary!” at

Tags and title

Great tips! I’ve bookmarked for future reference. Will you post more tips like this?

Blogger Tips

Why does googling yourself sound dirty …. LOL that was a good one.


I have applied some of the tips and it’s working great! Great tips, keep it up…


i already used intense debate before i read this post. it does make our blog look more professional but i still don’t get any comment from reader yet after 1 month blogging. but i personally think this tool will make reader more easier to comment than usual blogger comment.

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Great tips! Often these things repeat stuff as posted on thousands of other blogs, but I really found this useful. Thanks


Great post very helpful.

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Cacai M.

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Hi, I could not find any style in my html, I was hoping to remove the blogger bar. Thanks, Angie


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Ian MacGregor

In case anyone is interested in whether or not hiding the blogger navbar is a violation of the Blogger TOS, it isn’t. See the following post with an explanation by a Blogger employee:


For you if you’re a new blogger or don’t have skills on using the web : Create a Favicon to your blogger blog with a most easy tip.( really- easiest).Get this tip from Easiest way to create a favicon for blogspot blogger
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John Gunn

You have changed my life! I love you!!!!!!

John Gunn

I just implemented another one. This has been invaluable.


Very nice blog.


For hacking, windows and other related tips.

Ronnie Cruz

Hey Karl,

I’m hearing conflicting info regarding the removal of the blogger bar. Some say it’s against the TOS. Others say it isn’t.
Do you have a definitive answer?
(I guess I can look it up myself but I think it would also benefit others if it was posted hear for people to read)




Good tutorial.


i Have More Widgets To SHow Up On My Blog. Simple To Install


I’m hearing conflicting info regarding the removal of the blogger bar. Some say it’s against the TOS. Others say it isn’t.
Do you have a definitive answer?
(I guess I can look it up myself but I think it would also benefit others if it was posted hear for people to read)


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Well there have been MANY changes in in the last few years. Including moving to WordPress a more customizable platform,. AtA is using a related post widget it just is embedded into every post. Check out an individual post page for what I am talking about! Thanks for reading!



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