Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Network’s Greatness

toonamitom   Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Networks GreatnessAs a 23 year-old American, I say with great confidence that the ’90s played host to the greatest cartoons of all-time. Nickolodeon could go without any introduction. Cartoons like Ren & Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, Doug, and Rugrats were on the schedule for me every single weekend. Luckily for you, if you missed this time of awesome television then you can still experience it through a 24/7 stream with Nick Reboot.

Even better than Nickelodeon, in my opinion, was Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network featured a few lackluster shows, but nothing on the planet could beat their action-animation block: Toonami. Debuting in 1997, Toonami featured cartoons and anime like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, and more. Toonami was sort of a huge revolution for cartoons, and introduced a hip new style with a twist of Japanese culture to American television. Though it recently returned to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, it won’t be quite the same as what we all experienced from 1997-2008. That’s where Toonami Aftermath comes into play.

Toonami Aftermath

If you’ve checked out the aforementioned Nick Reboot, Toonami Aftermath’s interface, style, and purpose will seem very familiar to you. Toonami Aftermath is a Toonami revival effort that streams old Toonami shows around the clock. Most of the stream comes directly from the Toonami block, but you’ll also see shows like Ronin Warriors, X-Men, and Pok√©mon.

toonami1   Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Networks Greatness

The main page features a stream, a live chat, a brief schedule of upcoming shows, a list of recent forum topics, a recent poll, and the Toonami Aftermath Facebook feed.

The stream (and chat, should you choose) can be popped out as a full screen for your viewing pleasure. You can choose between a high-quality or low-quality stream, either of which is completely watchable. The stream player also lets you control the volume and even “dim the lights” to put more focus towards what you’re watching.

toonami2   Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Networks Greatness

The chat, shown as the blurred-out area in my first screenshot, really makes Toonami Aftermath feel like a lively experience. During peak hours, users are always actively chatting. It’s really cool to be able to talk in real-time with other people who have an interest in Toonami and animation, and overall I just feel like it makes the experience better when you’re able to easily talk with others about what you’re watching. Sharing your nostalgia is always cool. The chat is moderated, but you’ll rarely see any moderator interfere because of how friendly the community seems to be.

Toonami started as a block of shows on the regular Cartoon Network schedule, but on Toonami Aftermath (where Toonami is a 24/7 thing) you’ll see individual blocks of Toonami-related programming.

toonami3   Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Networks Greatness

Across the top menu, you can click the Schedule header to access a screen like the one shown above. Here, you can see everything that you can expect from Toonami Aftermath. It includes blocks like Toonami OG, where you can find some of the most old school Toonami toons like Reboot and Ronin Warriors, Cartoon Cartoons; also you can see Cartoon Network classics like Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory, Toonami Afterdark, featuring Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop, and more.

Clicking on the title of any of these shows will expand a description if you’re unfamiliar with it or would just like to read more. On top of that, there is a special “movie night” every Saturday where you can see movies like Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler, Pok√©mon 3: The Movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light, and so on.

toonami4   Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Networks Greatness

While the forum isn’t outrageously active, it’s still a great place to go to check out some Toonami-related banter and communicate with people who have similar interests. I find the chat to be a much more convenient feature, but the forum is actually pretty good for reading up on recent news on Toonami, Cartoon Network, and gaming.

Lastly, who in their right mind would be able to forget the awesome music during Toonami?

toonami5   Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Networks Greatness

Check out the Music section to listen in on two long mixes of all the sounds of Toonami. More than music, it acts as an entire media page where you can also find a form of the Toonami Aftermath logo and two separate wallpapers. Take a listen to the tracks. It doesn’t matter if you were a Toonami fan or not. It’s great music.

Nostalgia is great, and Toonami Aftermath is chock full of it. Had enough TV and interested in gaming nostalgia? I’ve got an article on gaming nostalgia¬†too! If you were a Toonami fan, please check out Toonami Aftermath and support it. Websites that go out of their way to preserve something from the past will always be appreciated by me, and it’s one of my favorite sites ever. Let me know how you feel about Toonami Aftermath in the comments section below!

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What!? No King of the Hill, 6 times a night. I used to love Adultswim until they decided that family guy episodes could only be enjoyed in triplicate.

Errol Wilson

Thank you for brightening my entire week!


I was awesome seeing the screenshots of Reboot!

At almost 33 years old now, I can honestly say that it was one of my fave shows during the 90s. Even better… according to what I see in the shots, Aftermath even has the 3rd and 4th seasons available – which got lost on US TV after ABC dumped it. (Not that it matters for me… my awesome wife got me the box set a few years ago… which I am going to fully enjoy watching with my son once he’s old enough. He doesn’t get to play with daddy’s Bob action figure tho, somethings have to stay sacred.)