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firefox task managerFirefox tabs have long been my number one task management tools. I have plenty of them open at the same time and some of them keep hanging for days before I have time to get to those. Therefore I have tried plenty of ways to make the most of my tabs: I have compiled some of the best ways in my post 7 Ways To Become More Productive With Firefox Tabs 7 Ways To Become More Productive With Firefox Tabs 7 Ways To Become More Productive With Firefox Tabs Read More .

Recently I came across another great addon I’ve been playing with and I found it really awesome. TooManyTabs lets you store and organize as many tabs as you like by adding extra rows in the Firefox browser. Essentially the tool adds an extra toolbar to Firefox (which does eat up some space but it is too useful not to try) that can be broken into several rows of open tabs.

It works similar to the bookmark toolbar but for a few essential differences:

firefox task manager

  • All tabs look as if they are open;
  • Clicking any tab loads the page in the browser and removes it from the addon toolbar (unless you “pin” it);
  • The addon has a few additional features that let you prioritize and visualize your tasks:

Besides, the addon saves your browser’s space and memory as idle tabs are put aside.


Task Management Options:

The reason the addon appealed to me so much is not really the ability to add multiple rows of open (but not active) tabs. The reason is in the interesting task management options the tool adds to the browser.

Sort Your Tasks Into “Folders

You can name your rows using recognizable tasks (TO DO, TO WRITE, TO READ) or by the name of the project or whatever seems to make sense to you. In the options (“Interface” tab) you can also set how many rows you can see in the browser at one time. You can also set the default row to send the tabs to (for others rows you will need to use the right-click context menu):

task management firefox

Visualize Tasks By Colors

You can use available colors to mark urgent tasks or those that need some ‘action” (unlike just reading), etc. Coloring is done via the right-click menu:

task management firefox

Stick Tabs

In case you really want to make sure your tab is there until you manually remove it, use the right-click menu to “pin” it in the toolbar:

firefox task manager

More Fun Options To Play With:

  • If you tend to have a lot of tabs open, speed up your browser by sending most of them to the toolbar: this way they will still be in front of your eyes but won’t slow down your browser (instead of allowing idle tabs to waste your PC’s memory, you can now put your tabs on the extra rows, remove them from the memory, and restore them in your browser when you need them again).
  • View tab history and restore recently closed tabs;
  • Backup your TooManyTabs toolbar to the external file (to restore it on another computer).

Google Chrome Version

For Google Chrome users there’s a similar extension too that adds the following features:

  1. Get the bird’s eye view of all opened tabs (available by clicking the toolbar icon) with a clear preview of each tab’s content.
  2. Play with instant tab search.
  3. Sort tabs by creation time, domain or title.
  4. Restore recently closed tabs and send idle tabs to “Suspended” folder and save memory and organize them better.

Too many tabs

Looks like a great browser extension! What are your thoughts on it?

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