Toolwerk: Merge Two Images Online

Merging two images, or I should say overlapping a smaller image over a bigger one, isn’t easy. Not with the basic image editing tools at least. Toolwerk’s online image merger can help you accomplish this task effortlessly. It helps you merge two images, be it in png, gif or jpg format. It’s simple and easy to use and doesn’t require you to go through complex image editing steps.

toolwerk   Toolwerk: Merge Two Images Online

As you can see in the screenshot above, you upload two images – the background and the logo. The logo image is supposed to be the smaller one that you place on top of the background image. Once the images are uploaded, you can rearrange the smaller image onto the larger one in a position you prefer.


  • Online image merger.
  • Merge two images in png, gif or jpg format.
  • Arrange the smaller image over the larger one.
  • The merged image needs to be downloaded in 30 minutes, after which it is deleted.
  • Similar tool: ImageMerger.

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