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Webmasters often find themselves checking pageranks, testing website speeds, executing WHOIS lookups, and performing a variety of other website-related tasks. For these, they usually need to jump from one site to another, depending on the tool they are using. Here to offer you all those tools on the same website is a web service called Toolspot.

suite of tools

Toolspot is a free suite of useful online tools for webmasters. This is certainly a must-bookmark site for all webmasters as it will save them a lot of jumping around. Toolspot offers webmasters the following tools – checking Twitter unfollowers, finding website backlinks, HTTP compression, website speed, HTTP headers, WHOIS lookup, Ping checks, DNS reports, finding IP addresses, checking pagerank, and converting UNIX timestamps into readable times. All of the tools have a description and introduction in case you do not know what they are for.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Offers a suit of useful web tools for webmasters.
  • Does not require any registration.
  • All tools are hosted on the site itself.

Check out Toolspot @


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