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Conversion of Metric Units

This simple website lets you convert one metric unit to another; inches to centimeters, kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers and whatever units are out there. It boasts over 5,000 metric units and 50,000 different conversions, so you can convert just about anything to anything else. It’s not something you need on a daily basis but definitely once in a while. In the last 6 years I lived in several parts of the world and had to deal a lot with different weight and height metrics and I still suck at it, this one going to my bookmarks right now.

Cool thing about this website is how it divides conversion into categories like cooking, area, date & time, clothing, finance and so on letting you easily find exactly what you need. I’m quite surprised with the variety of tools here, for instance check out finance section. Apart from regular conversion categories that are on index page, there are 2 other somewhat entertaining sections

  • Funny Conversions (weight on other planets, Chinese zodiac, age in dog years, pregnancy(estimate due date) etc)
  • Miscellaneauos (tip calculator, blood sugar converter, GPA calculator, blood alcohol content and so on)

It’s useful site, bookmark it. You’ll need it.

Check out,

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