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In his Twitter post on Christmas Day 15 Twittery Things for Your Holiday Enjoyment 15 Twittery Things for Your Holiday Enjoyment Read More , Jimmy mentioned Twitblogs so I decided to check it out and look at it further.  Twitblogs is a Web-based Twitter client which allows users to post entries with a character count greater than 140.

This is good for when you have something more to share (a video embed, an HTML widget, or simply a longer entry) but do not necessarily want to maintain a separate blog elsewhere.

You log into Twitblogs with your Twitter credentials via Twitter’s API, so you’re not giving your password to a third party. Twitblogs auto-posts the subject lines of each post to your Twitter account with a link back to your original post. The simplistic interface reminds me of Tumblr, which is not a bad thing.


After a quick text-based post, it was time to use the HTML-embed feature to post a nice Christmas-themed video, which worked just as I had hoped. Replies (with “@”) are allowed in the subject line in order to address specific users.


I should advise that the service, while functional, is very much in the alpha stages. You can only view the 20 most recent posts on your Twitter stream, and there is not yet an auto-refresh. Posts on the RSS feed are limited to the subject line and about 30 or so characters. Due to my using a dark theme on Twitter, my profile was not visible without highlighting it. The developers are listening to issues and suggestions for additional features via their UserVoice page.

Twitblogs may not yet have all the bells and whistles which many bloggers demand, but has the basics down to the point where I recommend this free service for any Twitter user who occasionally finds themselves with more to say.

Is this something that you would use yourself?   Do you already use it?

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