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where can I download free mp3sSound Sunday has been a MakeUseOf feature for over a month and of course, we would like to know how you like it so far. Has the series been helpful in keeping your music collection fresh, have you discovered new favorites, and what would you improve?

Feedback and suggestions will always find room in the comments, but you can also eMail me (tina at makeuseof dot com). If you are an artist who would like to be featured on Sound Sunday, please get in touch with me.

This week we’re mixing it up a little with free MP3s, mixed albums, and full albums from all over the place.

10 Free MP3 Downloads

NME – Glastonbury 2010 Album

Genre: mixed

where can I download free mp3s The NME has released a mixed album, celebrating the Glastonbury Festival 2010, which concluded this Sunday. The 20-piece collection features songs and remixes from Florence & The Machine, Broken Bells, Two Door Cinema Club, Bonobo, La Roux, and many more.

Preview and download the whole thing from the NME.

PS: RCRDLBL has its own Glastonbury Playlist with 24 songs.


Spinner – Siren Festival 2010 Mix

Genre: mixed

free music downloads Clearly, it’s the festival season all over the Northern Hemisphere. The Siren Festival 2010 will rock Coney Island, New York for the 10th time this July. Spinner heralds 10-year anniversary with a collection of seven free MP3 from performers of this year’s festival.

Download the songs directly from Spinner.

The Blumpkins – mixed

Genres: metal, grindcore, hardcore

where can I download free music Essentially, The Blumpkins is a one man band with Drew Seibert making it all happen since 1999. On The Blumpkins Twitter page, Drew faithfully records updates for his band’s ReverbNation charts positions. Maybe you can help him move up a few positions.

Download 20 free songs of The Blumpkins via ReverbNation.

The Blumpkins MySpace and Facebook.

JustDave – Well I Never…. (album preview)

Genres: powerpop, pop, rock

where can I download free albums Dave Ward is a British musician who’s been into music since the mid 80’s. While working in a mainstream job, Dave continued to play with cover bands. Eventually, he decided it was time to return to what initially got him into music: playing his own stuff.

JustDave won’t give you his entire album for free. Before you decide to buy, you can listen to the samples and download 5 full tracks for free. And there are more material on his homepage. Go ahead and download almost half an album straight from Just Dave’s homepage.

Just Dave MySpace and Homepage.

DJ Fresh & Mr.Tower – Hella Songs

Genres: hip hop, rap, soul

where can I download free songs Hella Songs is a project of Oakland’s The Whole Shabang producer Mr.Tower. He’s freestyling over records from DJ Fresh. The result is an album with only the finest chilled rap music.

Download the eight track masterpiece from Bandcamp. Some info will be collected.

DJ Fresh MySpace. Mr.Tower Homepage.

Futures – The Holiday

Genres: alternative, rock, pop punk

free music downloads Here is yet another promising band from the UK. Futures released their debut album The Holiday in March, signed a record deal with Mercury Records in June, and will be touring Great Britain in September. With this sequence of events, the future looks bright.

Their album The Holiday is distributed via Bandcamp. Data required.

Futures MySpace.

Provizion – Extorting English

Genres: hip hop, rap

free album downloads Dan Shaba, aka Provizion, hails from London, Ontario, Canada. Extorting English is his debut album, which will have people listen up throughout the North American continent and beyond its natural borders.

Comment on this Facebook status message to get a free copy of the album. Note that you have to like the artist, before you may comment on a status.

Provizion MySpace and Homepage.

Cousin Junebug – 1623 Allesandro Funk Classics

Genre: funk

free mp3 downloads Cousin Junebug is an instrumental band from Los Angeles. Their passion are obscure early funk tunes. They cover the Kingsmen, Fred Wesley, the Detroit Sex machines, Lyn Collins, and many more.

This funky album contains seven songs and is available through Bandcamp. Questions will be asked.

Cousin Junebug MySpace and Homepage.

Jon J – The Power Struggle

Genres: gospop, r&b, hip hop, soul

download music for free Jon J released his album The Power Struggle on June 22nd. It flows on gospop and soul and is a very smooth experience throughout. The piano composition in the title track makes it my favorite song of the album.

Download The Power Struggle from his homepage. Answer truthfully.

Jon J Twitter and Homepage.

Ralph Hinkley Syndrome – selftitled

Genres: alternative, indie, rock

download albums for free The Ralph Hinkley Syndrome is the band of Wyman Gentry and Jason Ogle. Initially only offered to their fans on Facebook, their self-titled album is now available for free to the general public.

Share your eMail address and download it free from Bandcamp.

Ralph Hinkley Syndrome MySpace and Facebook.

Are you saturated, yet? Please share your thought in the comments.

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  1. ops
    June 27, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Ehy I love Makeuseof and Sound Sunday is very cool for me!
    I like this Sound Sunday post, beautiful music and excellent choice Tina!

  2. ops
    June 27, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Ehy I love Makeuseof and Sound Sunday is very cool for me!
    I like this Sound Sunday post, beautiful music and excellent choice Tina!

    • Tina
      June 27, 2010 at 11:41 pm

      Thank you ops! :)