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If you are the classic hard worker that often gets drowned with a long list of to-do’s , then you should probably keep your to-do list short. All you really need to care about is what you have to do today and the day after. Fortunately, Do It (Tomorrow) is an iOS app that helps you focus on tasks for today and tomorrow without worrying about anything else.

today todo app

Do It (Tomorrow)’s interface resembles a notebook where you only have two pages: for today and tomorrow. Just input any reminder that needs to be done today and make sure that you check them off. But if you cannot do it today, you can easily transfer items to the next page which will then make up your to-do’s tomorrow.

The app also allows you to sync your tasks, mark them as complete or delete them. You can also reorder your list based on your priorities.

Do It (Tomorrow) is a nice addition for the minimalist worker. Getting things done now is the best way to move forward, and this app clearly addresses this by keeping things simple.



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