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Today, Todoist announced the launch of Todoist for Business – an enterprise solution of its popular task management software. In its press release, the company reported that it would offer a new licensing pricing plan for businesses at a rate of only $3 per user, per month.

Todoist for Business offers companies the ability to simultaneously manage up to 80 projects, supporting up to 50 collaborators per project, which will allow companies to establish active collaboration across the enterprise. The licensing scheme also allows for up to 200 active tasks per project, providing teams and individuals within those teams access to manage and share tasks within each project.

Collaboration and Task Management

One of the biggest challenges for a large enterprise is to manage collaboration for teams that may be interspersed throughout many locations – sometimes across the entire world. The online Todoist for Business solution provides instant collaboration, file sharing and task management within those many teams.


According to the company press release, Todoist for Business features include the following:

  • Centralized Employee On-boarding: Central management of team membership and invoice management.
  • Internal Collaboration: An internal contact management system that allows users to share projects with other workers throughout the enterprise simply by typing in the person’s name from the company contact list.
  • Task Management Tools: The heart of Todoist – managing sub-tasks, labels, filters and priorities within projects – all offered within a workplace context to provide powerful project management capabilities throughout the company.
  • File Sharing: ToDoist for Business allows collaborators to save images, documents, audio notes and more to any task via Dropbox and other cloud-based integration.
  • Cross-platform Synching: According to the company, Todoist for Business will run on 13 OS platforms, and includes plugins ToDoist Launches Integrated Outlook, Gmail and Postbox Plugins ToDoist Launches Integrated Outlook, Gmail and Postbox Plugins The team at ToDoist just announced a new plugin for Postbox, and a full rewrite of the ToDoist Outlook plugin, bringing ToDoist email integration support to the largest email platforms, including Gmail and Thunderbird. Read More for popular office software like Outlook or Gmail.

As part of its launch today, Todoist released a 1-minute video highlighting the ways that teams all across the corporation can collaborate and manage both simple and complex projects using the new Todoist for Business.


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Source: ToDoist | Image Credit: Goodluz at Shutterstock, ToDoist Screen Capture by Permission of ToDoist

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