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I know they say that when it comes to receiving gifts, it’s the thought that counts. That being said, wouldn’t you rather that the thought and the quality of the gift count? Well, if your friends and loved ones consistently seem to get you gifts for which you have no use, the iPhone app Toast could be just what you need. It allows you to easily create wishlists and share them with your friends and family, so they will know exactly what you want and need for your birthday or holidays.

create a birthday wish list

Creating wishlists on the app is incredibly easy, so you can do it on the go with minimal effort. You can also follow other Toast users to get ideas for things you want to add to your wishlist. Once you create a list, you can share it with your friends whether or not they have the application. You can send it to them through Facebook, email, SMS, Twitter, and of course, through the app itself if they also use it.


Besides easily creating wishlists, the app also has a feature that allows you to create reminders for birthdays. After all, it’s not just all about receiving; you need to make sure to remember your friends birthdays as well.


  • Create universal wish lists for holidays and birthdays.
  • Share wish lists via SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook and through the app.
  • Follow other users to get gift ideas.
  • Create reminders for your friends’ birthdays.
  • Similar tools: Wishybox, Whimventory, Wishlr,, PresentBee, AmazonUniversalWishlist and Savvy Circle.

Find Toast on the iTunes App Store

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