Comparison of Online ‘To-Do List’ services

Check out our round up of online to do lists and task management services.

There are task manager apps out there. There are those that focus on features and provide pretty much every possible feature users wish for and those that take minimalist approach and focus only on a few essential features.

To-Do ListsAdditional Features(apart from ‘Create/Delete/Edit Lists and Tasks’)
Backpackemail and SMS alerts, sharing, collaboration, adding images and maps to lists
Blablalistsharing, collaboration, RSS support (review)
E2doList (discontinued)email alerts, sharing
E2dosharing, collaboration
Gubbsharing, drag’n drop tasks and lists, retrieve and add lists via SMS or email
Hiveminderemail alerts, sharing, collaboration + RSS support on list updates, manage list via email
Jotletemail and SMS alerts, sharing, RSS support
[NO LONGER WORKS] Jottemail and SMS alerts, retrieve and add lists via email, create tasks by dialing provided number and leaving a message, sharing, collaboration
Joesgoalssharing, view task completion performance in a simple graph
Ioutlinersimple to do list with tasks drag and drop option
Iprioritizedrag’n drop tasks and lists, RSS support, sharing
ListPoolsharing, collaboration + email notifications on list updates
Nottr (discontinued)email and SMS alerts, sharing+ RSS support on list updates
Nozbedrag & drop lists, categorize lists, prioritize tasks
Orchestratesimple todo list with tasks drag and drop option
Posticky (discontinued)sharing, add/access lists via email, email and SMS alerts
Remember the milkreceive alerts via E-mail, SMS or instant messenger (AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo), sharing, add maps to you lists (review)
Rough Underbellysimple to-do list that lets you graphically display task completion performance
Sproutlinerdrag & drop lists, sharing, collaboration
Stickytag (discontinued)sharing, drag’n drop lists, archive lists, schedule lists to autodelete
Ta-da listsharing, RSS support (‘Ta-Da List’ review)
TaskToy (discontinued)sharing, add tasks to you lists via email
Time Trackersimple to-do list with time tracker for tasks.
Toodledoemail alerts, RSS support, sharing, collaboration
TuduLists (discontinued)sharing, RSS support,
Vitalistemail and SMS alerts, sharing, RSS support, access lists from your mobile
Voo2dodrag and drop lists, add tasks via email, sharing, collaboration
Webtodosimple straight forward to-do list [add/edit/delete lists and tasks]
Wallnotesimple straight forward to-do list -//-
Workhacksimple straight forward to-do list -//-
Zirr.ussimple straight forward to-do list -//-
Zoho Planner (discontinued)sharing, collaboration, email alerts, add images and files
[NO LONGER WORKS] GoogleNotebooksharing, collaboration, printing, search notes, export to google docs, browser addons(firerfox, IE) that let you ad notes from any webpage
HiTask (HOT)drag and drop tasks, prioritize tasks, task sharing and collaboration, grouping(by category, date, color, etc.), schedule tasks and more (Recommended)
Nutshelladd notes, print todos/notes, email todos/notes, categorize todos, set priorities
Stikkitsharing , RSS support
Todoist schedule tasks, print tasks, order tasks by preference or overdue dates, keyboard shortcuts
Tweeto (discontinued)simple to do list service, tasks tagging, tasks auto tagging
RSS support, prioritize tasks by colors and size, share task with others, view completed tasks
Zettelscategorize notes, search notes, email notes to others


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Jawn Lam

How about I love stikkit.


thanks for the tip, it’s on the list now


I just discovered after trying lost of these. Gubb is so easy and useful.


stikkit isn’t loading for me at this time


just checked, works fine from here. Try accessing it again later


Another one to add is Tweeto



Alex Griffioen

I’ve recently finished the project that will replace Wallnote (also mine) in a couple of months’ time. Perhaps you could check it out and add it to this comprehensive list?


it’s quite cool. It’s listed now


Hey thanks for adding tweeto to your list. We’re constantly adding new features and would love to hear peoples comments and suggestions.


You may also want to add Todoist (


it’s on the list now. Thanks

P. LaNasa offers a unique feature not offered by the others. It lets you manage daily, weekly and monthly tasks. That is, tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis.


Wondering if you could maybe add ZoToDo to your list… it still provides on pretty basic functionality but it’s good for Daily To Do lists… here’s a link: Daily To Do Lists

Jiri Novotny

And don’t forget about our brand new Swift To-Do List Online ( – it has attractive design, it’s superb easy to use and it is actually quite powerful, serving both individuals and small teams :-)

Jiri Novotny

Checkout Swift To-Do List Online also – it’s brand new web 2.0 service with attractive design, superb easy and fun to use, with task sharing.


Wipee List should be included on here, discovered it through your over post.


What about offline ones? I’ve recently released one that should cope with the task. Please check, you might wish to add it to your list.

Best wishes,



Check this out –, this is the best one, new and google-style :)

Robbie Smith

Just wrote a neat one for Facebook:


This is a wonderful list… but makes it AWFULLY hard to choose one. Can someone reccomend me which is the best, preferabbly with RSS support…

Saa – I really like this one s2


As a project manager where most of my day is spent managing lots of ‘to do lists’ I use a new site called ‘orgu’ which is really simple to use, very quick and looks kind of funky…

Much prefer it to RememberTheMilk which is overly engineered for most people’s use, and far too common now.