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If you are someone who has come across issues regarding the time in different countries, then check out TMZNS.

compare different time zones

TMZNS is a website related to timezones. You can easily enter a timezone for one country and find out what the time will be in the other country. For example, if it is 1.00pm in Lahore, Pakistan, the time in Kuwait will be 11.00pm.

This is a great tool for executives, and also sport fans as matches come at different times for different timezones, and pretty much everyone who has time-related problems.

The idea is easy. Just enter the numerical time value into one slot and the country, or the country code in the other slot and the 2nd bar will automatically change to show you the time change. However, you can also change the 2nd country if you wish.



Check out TMZNS @

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