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There are a lot of interesting links shared in Twitter accounts that you miss out on because of all the clutter, especially if you are following a lot of people. Going through all the tweets to find those links can be tedious. Links in Twitter is a Twitter mashup that allows you to view the links that have been posted on a specific user’s account plus his friends’ account. With this app you can browse recent links posted in Twitter’s timeline.


To use Links in Twitter, simply enter the Twitter username in the site’s search bar. The site will gather the recently posted tweets with links on that user’s Twitter page. While browsing the tweets with links, you’ll have the option to retweet a post, reply to a post, or find more information about the post. However, you cannot view the links for users who have protected their tweets.

Another cool feature of this app is that it displays a thumbnail photo of Twitpic posts so you don’t have to go to the link to view the actual photo. You can share the results of your search via Facebook, Twitter or email.


Links in Twitter is a cool way to find links recommended by your friends as seamlessly as possible.



  • View the tweets with links that are posted on a Twitter user page.
  • Retweet or reply to a post easily.
  • Find more information about a post using the Google Blogs and Twitter Search mashup.
  • View thumbnails from Twitpic posts.
  • Share the search results via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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