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Tixik is an online travel planning tool that has a different interface than most other travel planners.  It presents information like hotels, tourist attractions, transport, etc in an organized way, all on one page. You may begin by searching for cities, and they have a pretty efficient search tool. It will pull up cities with the same names that you didn’t know existed. On the left sidebar for each city there are links that’ll help you discover more about a city and plan the trip accordingly.

online travel planner

There are 2 more interesting things about this service. First, it has versions in different languages, links for which can be seen in the footer and secondly, as Google Maps Mania points out, it has deep integration of Google Maps and you can use it to effectively plan your itinerary and do much more.


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  1. Keith Pickett
    April 25, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Try They just started Olympic Games coverage for London.