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Remember EtherPad, the nifty real-time document collaboration tool which attracted a lot of attention and was then eventually acquired by Google and shut down?  TitanPad aims to bring it back for those who loved the tool.

Like EtherPad, this tool also lets different people join a text pad and contribute to it in real time. Your text will have a unique color to it, and you can see what changes others are making to the document in real time.

real-time document collaboration

You can start immediately with a public pad without signing up, invite people, import/export documents and also chat with users individually on the sidebar while working on the document. There’s also a nice time slider feature available if you want to see all the changes made to the document.


  • Real time text document collaboration like Etherpad.
  • Invite people to collaborate. Also chat with them in the sidebar.
  • Import and export documents in various formats.
  • Easy to use. No sign up required to create a public pad.
  • Also, you can get it working privately on a subdomain.
  • Similar tools:

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