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TinyTube is built to be a place for kids to go and watch videos on the Internet without the risk of seeing things that they should not on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. By having your child watch videos on TinyTube instead of trying to pick and choose videos on other sites, you can guarantee that they will not stumble across something that you would prefer them not to see.

kid friendly videos

TinyTube has all kinds of educational videos for children. They can improve their math, reading and all kinds of other skills necessary for life. If they do not feel like watching something educational, there is plenty of videos on there that are just funny or entertaining. Videos are compiled from all over the web and available for you and your child in one safe, convenient place.


Not only can you watch videos from the web on TinyTube, but you can also watch trailers for upcoming children’s movies. This allows your kids to show you what movies they want to see, and helps bring families together for a movie night that everyone can enjoy.



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