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Tablets and smartphones have made touch-based educational games for children possible, and a new app call Tinytap takes learning to the next level by allowing teachers and parents create games with a more personal touch.

ipad games for kids

Tinytap offers evergreen children’s games available in other apps. But it also allows you to create games from pictures already on your device. So instead of having children clicking an image of an apple for the letter “A”, parents can take a picture of a real apple and put it in the game instead.

Another example would be children learning the different parts of a face. Instead of a cartoon, teachers can put in any photo in the camera roll so that children can tap on it. By providing more intimate and personal cues, kids become more engaged and are able to learn faster.

Tinytap also lets you dictate questions and answers so that children can hear your voice as they complete the game. The implementation is straightforward, with a quick tutorial available to create your personalized game.

With several add-on games available, Tinytap is the ultimate learning tool for iOS devices. This app is great for parents to who want a more creative and engaging approach to learning.



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