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Are you trying to upload a PNG image online but it’s just too large? If yes, then what you need to do is conveniently size down that image using a website called TinyPNG.

downsize png images

TinyPNG is a free to use web service that helps people size down the size of their PNG images. As most of you already know, PNG images are an excellent choice if you want to preserve the image quality. But the obvious downside to this is the resulting file size of PNG images which is comparatively much larger when compared to image file formats such as JPG and GIF.

Recently there has been an emergence of online PNG image file resizing utilities; these utilities work by letting you upload your PNG images and then letting you select the number of colors in these images. Usually the color range is from 2 to 256. But adjusting that color slider and trying to find the best number of colors while keeping the image size down can take up quite a bit of your time.


TinyPNG is here to remove the manual parts from the process and to simply provide you with a sized down PNG image. All you have to do is upload your PNG and then download the smaller PNG which the website generates. A comparison of the original and resulting file size is displayed along with a percentage showing how much of the image file size was reduced.



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