TinyChat: Online Chat Rooms Without Registering

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TinyChat is an online service that lets you create your own online chat rooms without registering. Just go to the site, click on “Create your Chatroom” button and you’ll have your chat room in seconds. You also get a unique URL which you can forward to friends so they can join you in chat.

chat rooms without registering

Additionally TinyChat provides you with an option to embed your chat rooms onto your website, and you also have an option to save and download your chatlog information.


  • No registration online chat room.
  • Send chat link to friends to join your chat room.
  • Create as many rooms as you want.
  • Sign in with your Twitter login (optional).
  • Save chatlog.
  • Add chat to website.
  • Similar websites: ChatMaker, Chatzy and Stinto.

Check out TinyChat @ www.tinychat.com

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I have used this software and I can tell that It’s very good for every webmaster




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