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Do you want others to contribute to your process of discovering new music? If yes, then you should try creating a playlist using a website called Tiny Cassette.

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Tiny Cassette is a free to use web service that lets its users create music playlists. The playlists are composed of songs on YouTube and SoundCloud. You start simply by naming your playlist and then adding YouTube video URLs and SoundCloud songs URLs to the playlist. Your playlist is viewable on the site and others can check it out to add relevant songs to it. You can name the playlist something that indicates the kind of music you want to discover e.g. “1990s garage rock”.


Even if you do not want to create a playlist of your own, you can simply visit the website and check out some cool music. With no registration required, music fans will love the convenience offered by Tiny Cassette.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create playlists.
  • Songs can be added from YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • Other people can collaborate on your playlists.
  • Similar tools: Mixtube, The Playroll and SongSprite.

Check out Tiny Cassette @

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