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In recent years, people have been moving towards reading eBooks rather than physical books. To name a few advantages that eBooks have over physical books, eBooks essentially take no physical space in your room while physical books can demand quite some space if you have a lot of them. Additionally, it is not always easy to find the required book off your bookshelf but an eBook is easy to find on your reading device.

Due to this trend, there are now a large number of people who own Kindle devices to read their eBooks on. However, eBooks are not the only thing these Kindle owners read. They also read articles that are online on various websites. Having to switch from their Kindle to the computer and then back for reading can be quite inconvenient. Here to help you shift all of your reading to a Kindle device is a service called Tinderizer.

send articles to your kindle

Tinderizer is a free to use web service that Kindle users will highly appreciate. The service helps you port web articles in a readable form to your Kindle device for better and more convenient reading. You start by heading to Amazon’s Kindle settings and adding to your Kindle approved email list. Next, you provide Tinderizer’s website with your Kindle email address.

After that you are simply given a bookmarklet that you can drag to your web browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Anytime you want to send an article you are viewing on your computer to your Kindle, simply click on this bookmarklet. You are also given an alternate way through which you can send articles to your Kindle by sending the URL as an email to an address that Tinderizer provides to you.




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