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Scheduling meetings can sometimes be difficult even if there are only two people involved. The two persons could have busy schedules and meeting a commonly convenient time through phone calls and emails could become tedious. Fortunately TimeToMeet is a perfect solution for this problem.

meeting planning website

TimeToMeet is a free to use meeting planning website that lets users schedule two-person meetings with ease. You start off with typing the name and email of the person you are going to meet. Then you name your meeting (e.g. lunch, discussion for business proposal, etc.). The next step is to highlight your availablitliy in the calendar and chart provided in the interface. You can also specify the duration of the meeting. Finally you enter your name and email address and send the meeting invitation to the recipient. He / she fills out the table in the same way and both of you can view the commonly convenient time with ease.

meeting planning website


  • The service is totally free.
  • You can try TimeToMeet before signing up.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.
  • Lets you schedule meetings with ease.
  • Shows the overlapping free time in a table so users can immediately view the commonly convenient time.
  • Similar tools: MeetWithAgenda, NeedtoMeet, Doodle, Assemble, Mobaganda, Diarised, MeetWays, Meet-O-Matic, Mezzoman and MeetWithMe.

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