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If you have multiple employees working under you, you realize that when they request holidays and leaves, managing schedules becomes difficult. You could maintain physical calendars with approved holidays and leaves marked, but employees would be unable to use the calendar to request leaves. Here to help is a wonderful online web service called Timetastic.

manage staff leave

Timetastic is an excellent web service that helps you manage employee holidays and leaves. You can setup an online Timetastic account and then share it with your employees. Staff members can be added by specifying their name, email address, and number of leaves in a year.


You can setup your working days i.e. which days of the week your company works, and also specify the type of holidays your employees can request e.g. maternity, paternity, meeting, sick leave, etc. Employees can visit the calendar and request leaves by indicating the starting and ending dates; they can also indicate if the dates they mentioned are full or half leaves, along with mentioning their leave type.

Timetastic: Easily Manage Your Staff’s Holidays & Leaves Online Request


Managers can look at the calendar and check out holidays dates conveniently and plan work accordingly. Simple blue highlighting is used to indicate holidays; a box highlighted half means a half day. You can setup different departments for your company with each having a different holiday structure; you can view an overall calendar of holidays or view a department-wise calendar.

Timetastic: Easily Manage Your Staff’s Holidays & Leaves Online July

Timetastic is currently in its beta stage and already working on smartphone applications. The developers are working on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone applications which will let employees and employees use Timetastic conveniently.

Timetastic: Easily Manage Your Staff’s Holidays & Leaves Online Carrier

With its ease of use of visually appealing interface, Timetastic seems to be a web service that will soon become a very popular holiday and leave management tool.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Lets you plan employee leaves and holidays
  • Lets you invite employees to jointly view calendars
  • Will be offering phone apps soon

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