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Following the failed launch about 2 weeks ago, Google has once again launched the Gmail app for iOS. This time we think they’ve got it right. The last time Gmail for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was launched, it was taken off the market the same day due to a bug in the notifications system. Now that it’s all better, let’s take a brief look at this long long awaited app from Google.

The new Gmail app is designed for touchscreens, and gives an easy overview of your mailboxes and new e-mails. Swipe to the right to reveal your mailboxes, and swipe upwards to refresh and see new e-mails. The infamous notifications work well now, and if you enable them, you will hear a sound upon receipt of new e-mail, and the app icon will present the number of unread e-mails in your inbox. A bit lacking, with no popups, but still works well.

If you’re using an iPad, you can browse your e-mails and read them simultaneously in split view, which you can see in the screenshot.

The Gmail app automatically syncs your Google contacts, but you can also use contacts from your device’s address book. It’s easy to attach photos, add and remove contacts and do anything else you’d expect from an e-mail app.


Other than that, the app offers all the usual Gmail features we’re all used to, such as priority inbox, threaded conversations, easy organization and so on. One feature that’s sorely missing is the ability to sign into multiple accounts, which is already possible with the mobile web interface. For users who use this frequently, the app may prove insufficient for now. But according to Google, they will be iterating rapidly and providing new features, some of which will be based on user feedback.

What do you think of the new app? Share some opinions in the comments.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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