TimeMe: Large Display Stopwatch Online

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TimeMe is a free web-based timer and large display stopwatch for your web browser. It can be used to time meetings, class tests or any other events. Due to its huge display it can be easily used in conference rooms with many people or classrooms with students.

large display stopwatch

The watch can be set to count up or down and also set off an alarm when timer stops. Users may also adjust timer display (size, color, width) and sound alarm settings to fit their needs.


  • Online timer and stopwatch with a big display.
  • Can be used in large conference rooms and big screens.
  • Can be set to count up or down.
  • Adjust timer display (size, color, width) and sound alarm settings.
  • Free, no sign up needed.
  • Similar tools: E.ggTimer and StopWatch.

Check out TimeMe @ www.timeme.com/timer-stopwatch.htm

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Another one at stopwatch-timer.com


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