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TimeIs is a nifty web service that gives the exact time at almost any point in the world. It checks computer clock accuracy and lets you compare times at different locations while telling you how much off your PC clock is.

computer clock accuracy

To start, you can enter your location in the search box or select a place to know the exact time there. Click compare time if you want to see the time from different locations simultaneously. You can also mark a point in the Google Maps box to see the exact time of that place. Finally, if you want to display only the time on your screen, simply click just time.

The TimeIs minimal interface and large clock display makes it an ideal startpage for your browser. If you have a spare small computer monitor in your desk, say around 7″, you can use TimeIs as your dedicated online clock.


  • Find out the exact time at any of the 7 million locations worldwide.
  • Check the accuracy of your clock.
  • Compare time from different locations.
  • Find out the sunrise and sunset times.
  • Can be used in mobile devices.
  • Is always updated with the latest information about DST transitions.
  • Similar Tools: TimeMe, TimeZoneCheck, and GChart.

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