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TimeZoneConverter is an instant time zone converter application that can be used to do time zone conversions between two cities on the globe. This can be a handy tool for people who work in offshore-onshore consulting environment. One of the unique features of this converter is that, it also takes into account day light saving (DST) time while performing conversions.

All you need to convert time from one time zone to another time zone is to select the “˜From’ city from the first drop down and select the “˜To’ city from the second drop down and click on “˜Convert Time’ button.

instant time zone


  • Easy time zone converter tool.
  • Converts time between two cities.
  • Considers daylight saving time (DST).
  • Considers local time zones.
  • Accepts past and future dates.
  • Free easy to use.
  • Similar websites EasyTZGchart and Daylight Saving Time.

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