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new text editor for macYou probably spend a fair bit of time at your computer. If you’re a regular sort of user, you’ve probably got a bit of use for a good text editor or word processor on a regular basis, too. While we at MakeUseOf and other geeky circles love to argue about which text editor is best What's Your Favourite Text Editor? [MakeUseOf Poll] What's Your Favourite Text Editor? [MakeUseOf Poll] Read More , in the end it comes down to finding something sensible which just “gets it right”. That is, something that works for you personally.

While you may already think you’ve found the text editor love of your life, you could hardly stand by it honourably without giving the competition a go. So, today we’ll introduce you to a sleek new player in the Mac text editor game called Tincta. It’s feature-filled, yet is also a tiny, free download. We’re sure you’re going to love it.

Get Your Copy of Tincta

It’s free and available in beta here, so go grab your copy now while we tell you all about it.

new text editor for mac

Tincta is written by a German team of coders known as Mr Fridge Software. Mostly they’re into writing games and useful applications for Mac and iOS.

The Tincta software is free but comes with a social obligation to reduce your carbon footprint. This Green License is a novel way to try to help the world — hopefully more than a few users of Tincta will be inspired to help the world in whatever small (or large) way possible. They even offer some really simple suggestions you could put into practise immediately.


new text editor

Back To This Fast, Intuitive Text Editor

If you’re into coding, you’ll love Tincta’s syntax colouring. Tincta manages the syntax colouring using as little resources as possible, keeping the text editor running as fast as possible. You can also change the colours as you like. They claim to support colouring for most major programming and markup languages — give it a go!

new text editor

Tincta numbers your lines in an instant, without getting stuck on your line-wrapping. This makes life a lot easier when coding.

new text editor for mac

All the little things you need in a text editor are there: view invisible characters; swap space for tabs or vice versa; drag and drop support; tab indenting; search and replace; spellcheck; and much more. They basically designed this text editor to be their favourite editor ever — and it will hopefully cover all your needs too.

Tincta’s Competitors

Well, it’s a text editor, isn’t it? There are decent competitors to Tincta in every direction you look, such as Smultron The Top 3 Free Coding Text Editors For Mac OS X The Top 3 Free Coding Text Editors For Mac OS X Read More , FocusWriter FocusWriter - Minimalist, Distraction-Free & Beautiful Text Editor FocusWriter - Minimalist, Distraction-Free & Beautiful Text Editor Read More and Mac OSX’s own TextEdit. You may even consider the online text editors as competition for Tincta, such as Write Space, Google Docs and 750 Words How To Inspire Yourself To Write At Least 750 Words Per Day How To Inspire Yourself To Write At Least 750 Words Per Day Read More . All of these great editors bring something a little different to the table, it’s true. So, it’s all about what you happen to like best, and we think you’ll like Tincta. Give it a try!

So, what do you think of Tincta? Remember that it’s still in beta, so please stay nice and constructive. Let us know in the comments!

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