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An increasing number of IT and technology-related jobs have become ones in which people get paid by the hour. For this reason, tracking their activities and the time spent on jobs has become more important than ever before. Tracking the time and activities of employees is a major area of focus for employers and clients who hire freelancers.

While there are various time logging applications available, most of them require a considerable amount to time to get familiarized with, as their interface is not user-friendly and intuitive. Fortunately there is an exception to this in the form of a tool called Time Cockpit.

time tracking service

Time Cockpit is a web service that lets its users track time spent on activities. The tool has been made specifically keeping professionals in mind and how, for them, time spent working literally translates into money. The service offers a web interface and a desktop interface which require Silverlight and .Net Framework 4.0 respectively. After you create an account on the service, you can log in and begin creating new activities.

You can specify the duration of each activity and associate it with certain tasks in the projects that you have added. Details such as descriptions, location, and the rate of that activity can all be specified. Your activities will then appear sorted in your planner. The calendar in the left pane will let you easily browse through the work you have done.



If you use the desktop version of the app, you will find even more helpful options in the right pane of the application.

Time Cockpit is not a free web service but the app’s developers have generously offered free licenses to the first 20 people who comment on this post.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Also offers desktop app.
  • Helps track time and activities.
  • Lets you add activities to tasks in projects.
  • Lets you add descriptions and rates with activities.

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