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TiltShiftMaker is an online tilt-shift miniature faking tool that lets you manipulate your digital photos by adding a tilt-shift effect and make them look like a miniature photographs. You can manipulate images from your hard drive or any webpage.

To create your own image simply upload it to the site, use provided editor to customize the tilt-sift effect and then click on the “Preview” button. If you’re with satisfied with the result then click on the “Get Full Size” button and download it to your computer. No need to play around with Photoshop and looking for tilt-shift tutorials.

tilt-shift miniature faking

You can also check out cool gallery of pictures made using TiltShiftMaker and visit Flickr group to see more images.


  • Create photographs with tilt-shift miniature effect.
  • You can upload images from your compute or any webpage.
  • Supported image formats: JPG/JPEG
  • Max image size: 4MB
  • Simple and easy to use.

Check out TiltShiftMaker @


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