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On every webpage you view, there a number of page elements. These page elements include everything from search bars to various types of buttons and banners. Here to help you visualize these elements in 3D within the Firefox browser is an add-on called Tilt 3D.

view website in 3d

Tilt 3D is a free to use browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on makes use of Firefox’s new Tilt feature meant to be a part of its built-in developer tools. The add-on is basically a way of visualizing a webpage DOM in 3D.

In simpler words, you can view various elements on a webpage in 3D. The hotkey shortcut to activate Tilt 3D after you have installed it is Ctrl+Shift+M. Use this hotkey shortcut and then rotate the page by dragging it with your mouse. You will find page elements sticking out in 3D. The page can be rotated entirely backwards, in which you get to see its mirror image.


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