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If you know of a simple way to accomplish a task, you should share it with others so they can benefit from your procedure. To do this you need a platform where you can share your helpful tutorials about tasks of various natures. In addition to posting tutorials, you should also be able to get tutorials from this platform. Tildee is exactly such a platform.

create step by step tutorial

Tildee is a free to use web service that lists tutorials on different tasks. Ranging from computer related tasks such as setting up a static IP address to relationship tutorials such as how to lose a guy in 10 days, you will find a variety of tutorials on the site. You can browse the tutorials listed on the homepage or search for them via keywords.


In addition to finding tutorials you can create an account on the site and create tutorials for any task that you like. You can then share the link of this tutorial with your friends so they can benefit from it.



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