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Let me confess something: I still don’t know how to tie a neck tie. That’s in spite of having to wear it during my school years. Maybe I was too lazy to learn, but this new site called Tie-a-Tie would certainly entice procrastinators like me to learn this art.

It’s a pretty neat site with video tutorials as well as instructions with illustrations on how to tie various kinds of tie knots. There’s the Pratt Knot, Windsor Knot, Bow Tie Knot and more.

how to tie a neck tie

tie tying instructions

The site has also extra goodies like tips and tricks, tie length calculator, necktie accessories, tips on dressing up for a job interview and also has a link to let you buy neckties online.


  • Tie tying instructions and tutorials.
  • Different kinds of tie knot tutorials available.
  • Both videos and step by step instructions available.
  • Also find tie tips and tricks, tie length calculator.
  • Similar tool: 2TieaTie.

Check out Tie-a-Tie @

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