Ticket-O-Matic: Fake Airline Ticket Generator

Here is another fun tool that can be used to wind up your friends and relatives. Ticket-O-Matic is an airline ticket generator app that lets you generate realistic looking (printable) airline tickets. You can generate tickets for 33 different airline companies.

tiketomatic   Ticket O Matic: Fake Airline Ticket Generator

To generate a ticket enter passenger and destination details in to provided form, choose airline and then click on “Done!” button. Ticket-O-Matic will generate your image that you can download or forward to any email address.

tiketomatic1   Ticket O Matic: Fake Airline Ticket Generator


  • Fake airline ticket generator.
  • Choose from 33 airlines.
  • Download generated tickets or forward to any email.
  • Fun and free.

Check out Ticket-O-Matic @ www.omatic.musicairport.com

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