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Keeping track of an event is not easy. TickCounter helps in focusing on an event by letting you create a web-based time counter. It can be a countdown timer, counting how much time is remaining to reach a particular event in the future. Or it can be a count up timer, counting the time that has passed since an event in the past.

Each timer can be customized by choosing the specific date and time, relevant timezone, assigning the counter a name, and getting a unique permanent URL for each counter. You can also have a random timer where you count down to a specific number of minutes, and even an adjusting counter that adds or subtracts a specified number of minutes after every specified interval. TickCounter also lets you create a stop watch.

count up timers online


  • Create several types of counters and timers online.
  • Choose relevant time zone and get a unique URL for each counter.
  • No registration required.

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